An earlier post focused on the overall benefits of martial arts. Judo, Taekwondo, and Karate are quite common. However, there are other traditional Chinese martial arts that are taught and practiced in various martial arts centres. Tai Chi is one such Chinese martial art. This Chinese martial art was originally developed for self-defence, is also recognized for its health benefits. It’s a graceful form of exercise that involves slow and controlled movements through steady breathing techniques. Tai Chi would be like practicing meditation in motion to promote calmness of mind and body through gentle and stable flowing movements. There are various styles practiced within Tai Chi, some with the emphasis on self defence while some focused on maintaining a good health.

Now, there are enormous benefits that Tai Chi can confer to attaining a good health and well-being. Known for fighting stress in a gentle way Tai Chi also helps develop breath control, coordination and balance along with a sense of self confidence.

So here are 3 amazing benefits that you can reap with Tai Chi:


Mental calm

Recent research indicates the importance of Tai Chi in decreasing anxiety and stress. Research data collected from a group of people into Tai Chi indicate an increase in self-awareness and confidence. Tai Chi also helps control the breath flow to relax the mind, body and soul. People into tai Chi have reported development of positive attitude towards life. People have also said that regular practice of Tai Chi helps them to achieve their emotional, intellectual and spiritual goals effectively. Basically this martial art can help you stay calm in stressful situation and also to a certain extent, prevent mental health problems such as depression, anxiety and other psychological disorders.

Mental calm

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Flexibility and balance

Tai Chi helps improve flexibility of joints thus preventing problems of arthritis and osteoporosis especially in old age. Tai Chi has confirmed to encourage strong development of bones and increase muscle strength. It helps improve posture along with improvement in strength, balance and coordination.

Flexibility and balance

Prevention of health ailments

Research indicates that regular practice of Tai Chi can improve the expression of proteins required for cell renewal, differentiation and proliferation. This would mean that Tai Chi proves to play a vital role in slowing down the ageing process. Patients with mild to moderate Parkinson’s disease have also reported to have benefited their health with this ancient traditional Chinese martial art. Scientific research indicates the benefits of Tai Chi to boost immune system thus preventing health complications. Lowering of blood pressure and improved blood circulation is another benefit to be noted. Besides Tai Chi helps to lower blood cholesterol level and maintain a stable blood glucose level.

Prevention of health ailments

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Simply put, practicing this traditional Chinese martial art not only can one acquaint with a new self defence technique but also gain a good health and lead a healthy and stress free life. Tai Chi is suitable for all age groups as it is a low impact safe fitness exercise. Locating a Tai Chi class is made simpler by the services of online fitness portals like Gympik. There could be circumstances when one would want to have a second opinion especially for those who are pregnant, have leg injuries, chronic joint pain or any other health complications. It is recommended to acquire skills of this incredible Chinese art from an well-qualified, experienced Tai Chi instructor who will be able teach the various postures and the proper breathing technique to be followed.

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  1. “Well said!! Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art. The discipline of Tai Chi was adopted into the realm of martial arts to underline the Asian emphasis on slow, deliberate, meditative movement that becomes more defensive — rather than attacking — as a result of this observation of the natural world of animals. This is why, unlike some other Asian martial arts disciplines, Tai Chi is not practiced hastily or aggressively.
    If you want to learn more, there is a fascinating article here –


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