While working out, how often do your muscles feel that uneasy stiffness? How often do you take a step back before you attend a strenuous workout session? Well, if you are one of them who feel the stiffness of muscles while workout, don’t worry, you are not alone, my friend! And this is the reason why we will be talking about how to improve flexibility in this article.

We all know about flexibility. It is specific to each joint, and also depends on body structure, sex, age and is essential to normal joint health. Tight muscle joints can disturb mobility and harm the soft tissues. Moreover, tight muscles lead to unwanted muscle catches and cause joint discomfort. Improving your flexibility is essential not only for preventing injury, but to correct and maintain better posture for a better body structure. With increased flexibility, there comes better muscle building opportunity for each muscle group.

Here are some ways to improve your flexibility


Warm-up before workoutwarmup blog

Gone are the days when holding stretches for a  longer time was considered beneficial before any workout. Experts say, nowadays dynamic stretching gives muscles more mobility and puts your body on motion  for any strenuous workout thereafter.




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Stay hydrated

Water plays an important part in building up your muscle
composition. To make the muscles respond to dynamic flexibility training and work on an optimal level, you should hydrate your body. Consuming more water not only  keeps your muscles  working, but also saves you from zonking out due to excessive sweating during workouts.

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Opt for Strength and Resistance training

Weight training, strength training and resistance training can improve your flexibility and can be done by both-men and women. A balanced and full motioned exercise program for all muscle groups may contribute to improve flexibility. While training, also focus on full range of motion that helps in improving flexibility.



Go for a body massage body massage blog

A soothing full body massage a couple of times in a month can be helpful for improving and maintaining flexibility of muscles. Massage helps in relaxing the tissues, joints, ligaments, tendons, remove muscle tensions and improve flexibility by easing the muscle pains that can be a result of strenuous workout. It also helps keeping joints more mobile and make them less prone to injury.



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Include light static stretching post-exercise

Holding some traditional static stretching post-workout can help in lengthening tight muscles. Also, this helps in alleviating any muscle catch or pain that you might had during your workout. While stretching, the focus should be on the major muscle groups like shoulders, chest, triceps, lats, hips, hamstrings etc. Moreover, post-workout foam rolling help in flushing away toxins and help in quicker muscle recovery.



nappingGive recovery time to your muscles

While daily workout can be the best option to increase your flexibility, stress, lack of sleep, unhealthy lifestyle can take a toll on your body; it goes without saying that your muscles stress out and all these prepare your body for an inexplicable disaster. To help your muscles recover, grow and gain flexibility, sleep at least eight hours a day, take some time out and relax, pick any activity that untangle your brain and let you unwind, de-stress your mind for a better body.



Workout is essential to keep your body going but what is more important is, how much time and thought you invest in maintaining that great body. Improved flexibility is one of the major concerns when it comes to bodybuilding and preventing any muscle cramps while you workout incessantly to achieve your dream bod. While we wind up, we would also like to hear from you on what you do to gain flexibility. Go ahead and type your comments below. As we always wish, stay fit, stay strong and don’t forget to share this article with your friends!


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