What is mental wellness?

According to WHO, mental health is: “A state of well-being in which the individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community.”8 Ways to Improve your Mental Wellness

Mental wellness is an essential factor for anyone to live a healthy and balanced life. I’m sure, all of us might have seen people who are happy always no matter what, it seems like no grief, no external factors can affect their sense of happiness- either they cope with it like a boss or just let that be and walk out of them because their happiness matters more than anything else! This is called mental wellness! Being mentally healthy ascertains how we handle situations in our lives, our thought process, our feelings, and how we react. Being mentally unhealthy is the reason for all the illness and it can happen to anyone regardless of sex, age, and social status.

8 ways to improve mental wellness

Watch your plate

Mental wellness depends on what we eat and drink. Unhealthy food choices disturb brain functioning leading to emotional imbalance, whereas some foods help improving brain functioning. Greasy foods, caffeinated drinks like coffee, black tea, aerated drinks like cola, soda, high sugar beverages like energy drinks, alcoholic beverages may temporarily give a boost to your energy level, but they disturb the balance in your body.

8 Ways to Improve your Mental Wellness - Watch your plate

Catch your nap

Nothing can beat a good dose of sleep. It helps your body the time to repair, rejuvenate, relax and your brain to sort things out in the best possible way, untangle clutters and revive your mind to give hope and strength for the days to come. No wonder, people whose first love is sleep are the happiest people on earth. Your quality sleep determines how better you feel and how productive you are throughout the day. A disturbed sleep not only affects your mood but also disturbs concentration level, productivity, energy balance, increases irritability and sluggishness.

8 Ways to Improve your Mental Wellness - Catch Your Nap

Move your body

A regular workout is a great stress buster. It improves blood flow in your body, gives a boost to your mood by making you feel good about yourself, improves memory, relaxes muscles, and relieves stress. Moreover, being active can instill positivity, thereby it can be superbly effective to cure depression, Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and anxiety. It also helps you sleep better, hence, it may be the best medicine you can opt for to cure your mental and overall well-being.8 Ways to Improve your Mental Wellness - Move your body

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Turn the page over

Yes, it’s been since our childhood that we have been hearing that books are our best friends! When nothing seems right, pick your favorite book and take a deep dive into the emotions and lives of the characters in it. It gives you an instant emotional boost by realizing yourself as a third person who is reading and closely observing the ups and downs of the characters in a book.8 Ways to Improve your Mental Wellness - Turn the page over

Grab those tickets

Be it a theatre performance, a movie, a comedy show or a live concert— don’t shy away from splurging on things that interest you and make you feel happy! These are the handy therapies that you can do for yourself to feed your soul with much-needed happiness. You will be surprised to see how your irritability, tenseness, anxiety evaporate just by enjoying what you like!8 Ways to Improve your Mental Wellness - Grab those tickets

A bond of happiness

We all have that one friend or that one person in our lives to whom we can open ourselves up. It could be your mom, your childhood buddy, your husband, or a co-worker—such relationships bring enormous positivity and contribute immensely to mental wellness. These are the ones who can hold your hand and guide you in the right direction when you have lost your way, bring you the whiff of fresh breeze when you are suffocated, and give the assurance you are seeking when you are confused.8 Ways to Improve your Mental Wellness - A bond of happiness

Go far from the madding crowd

It’s okay to run away sometimes to find yourself again! A change of scene is required when you wish to make a better picture. Take a trip to the sea or into the great wide open hills, or stop by to listen to the murmuring sounds in the woods, imbibe in the beauty of nature and enrich your soul. Go on a trip or better, go on a solo trip, to let yourself free and wipe your slate clean. Traveling not only gives you new experiences but also boosts your confidence and self-worth.8 Ways to Improve your Mental Wellness - Go far from the madding crowd

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Last but not least

Don’t invalidate your feelings and let them control you. If you are struggling every day to balance out your life, fighting your emotions, feeling lonely, and overwhelmed—don’t shy away from reaching out for support. Psychological therapies are much advanced now and are the best options if you feel overwhelmed, sad, and depressed quite often. Sometimes, surrendering is the best option to lessen the pain within.

8 Ways to Improve your Mental Wellness - Last but not the least_If you need help, don't shy away

Mental wellness is something that doesn’t come naturally, it is achieved as this doesn’t stay the same all the time. We realize this only when we go through immense stress that can be due to a host of external situations such as loss of a near and dear one, breakups when things don’t go the way we expect them to be, failures, problems in relations and more. Tough times come in our lives without any prior notice, and can intensely shake up our mental peace that results in grief and disturbed mental health. We’ve all been there at least once in our lives. Do share your thoughts on how to improve mental well-being in the comment section below. Till then, stay healthy, stay happy!


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