Being physically active as you are growing older is very important. It will help you prevent and manage health complications such as hypertension, diabetes, cancer, and even mental illness. Exercise will also help you increase your metabolic rate and burn enough calories diminishing the age related obesity concerns. It is true that with age one starts losing the vigor and physical ability to exercise, muscles loosen, and you tend to have creaking bones. However, the more you remain physically active, the more you tend to strengthen your bones and muscles as you age.

Having said that obviously you should also know that not all exercises are suitable for you. There are certain guidelines that you need to explore and follow. Let’s understand these guidelines better.

Start slow

Exercising doesn’t mean that you have to start straight away with strenuous physical activities in the gym. You can be physically active by increasing the movements to your daily routine. Walking, jogging, climbing stairs, yoga, and other simple non-strenuous activities can be initiated to start with.
Start slow

Follow simple exercises

As we mentioned earlier, that with age muscles start losing their strength. There are many exercises that can help strengthen your muscles, and also relieve you of the leg, hip, lower back, abdomen, and shoulder pain. Simple exercises such as lifting free weights, and gardening are some good options for you. Walking and stretching is also recommended to keep you physically active. Stretching can improve flexibility of muscles and help you relax too. Yoga, jogging, hanging out with a community of senior citizens, laughing yoga are all best ways to keep you occupied and remain physically active in your old age. Bicycling, water sports, and dance are other means to remain fit and energized. But choose your pick wisely.

Follow simple exercises

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Maintain regularity

Schedule a fixed time for exercises on a daily basis. Exercise only when you feel better, do not over strain yourself. Hydrate yourself adequately and be watchful of the weather. Limit your physical activities in extreme cold or hot weather. In case of any adverse health conditions such as chest pain, abdominal pain, palpitations, and excessive sweating followed by lethargy, immediately seek medical advice and discontinue exercising until further instructions by your doctor. Maintain regularity

Expert guidance

As we’ve mentioned earlier not all exercises are suitable for older people. Also not all elderly can remain physically active all the time due to health conditions. Hence, expert guidance such as that from a personal fitness trainer, physiotherapist, and a dietitian is absolutely necessary before you plan your workout schedule.

Expert guidance

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Remaining physically active as you age is difficult and is an accepted fact; nevertheless, it isn’t impossible. You can maintain a regular exercise routine if you’re strongly determined to lead a healthy lifestyle, free of old age fitness problems. It can not only help you manage and prevent those health complications but also energize you, increase your stamina, relieve your stress levels, make you motivated, and help you lead a fitter, healthier lifestyle. Fitness over fifty is a choice that you need to make. After all it’s one life, let’s make it healthy! If you like this article then do like and share it forward. Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.



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