“If your body feels better, so does your mind”. It is undeniably true that stress is a part of daily life. Amidst all the chaotic times that we live in, the quest for peace of mind is overshadowed by other material priorities. There are times which drain out all the energy and plunge self-esteem. Pressure, anxiety, and depression take a toll on our mental well being.Calmness Of The Mind Lies In Exercising

Eventually, it leads to a situation where the only choices that seem available are giving up or giving in. A moment of realization, of being fit and happy at such a worrisome state is a blessing in disguise, if not too late. The quest ends here, at the moment of reality, the solution being exercising. It is inevitable to eliminate stress, but the art of managing it can definitely be mastered.

While food for thought is a necessity, exercise for thought appears to be the new mantra. A well-toned body, would not just improve self-image and boost confidence, but will also help to reduce fatigue, improve concentration, enhance all cognitive functions, and manage stress. While the calories burn, the mental stimulation mends. Body and mind are inseparable. Exercising, thus targets both simultaneously. The best bit is that there is no need of complex equipment or sweating it out at the gym to master mental well being.If your body feels better, so does your mind

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Small Steps to Calmness

If you are a busy bee seeking a solution to be calm and happy, and have no time to hit the gym, here’s what you can do.

  • Pay attention to your breath: Watch you movements for about five minutes, feel your breath getting deeper and richer and after a while it comes naturally. It is perhaps the best way to regulate breathing and calm yourself down.
  • Pay attention to your thoughts: Your thoughts reflect in your actions and personality. It is essential to monitor and train them in the right direction. Meditation, when practiced right, answers all problems. The core principle lies in focusing, surfacing the discomfort deep inside, and channelizing negativity to positive thoughts.
  • Dance while your TV is on: Aerobics is a great exercise for quick calorie reduction. It does not need much space and time and is yet very effective in improving mental stimulation, relaxing the nerves, and staying calm. All the dance lovers out there definitely cannot resist this exercise.
  • Jog while your pet walks: Presence of pets at home is a mental exercise in itself. It is the best way to lower blood pressure, and feel positive and happy. But if you need more physical activity, take your pet out for a walk and indulge in training activities. You would come back home with a happy state of mind.
  • Yoga is the way: Yoga is a holistic way of training your body physically, mentally and spiritually. Try Simple Asanas for the head, shoulder, back and eyes, along with some Pranayamas, and feel the difference in your outlook towards life.
  • Laugh: Laughter is the best exercise and absolutely costs nothing. What we fail to notice is that it’s the most powerful exercise too. You dump all your worries while laughing, and find an instant change in mood. Hence, laugh all the way to stay happy! After all, happiness is a state of mind and it is not really difficult to get there!

Small Steps to Calmness

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Remember each step is important. These small steps pave way to a perfect destination, a calm mind, with stable and positive thoughts and peaceful outlook towards life! So shed all your worries and exercise your way out. If you found this article interesting then don’t forget to hit the like and share button. Your thoughts are welcome in the comments section below.

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