With International Women’s Day just a few days away, our eyes cannot escape the huge billboards of all that is pink and feminine and beautiful, everywhere we go. But, of course – who doesn’t want to take care of their hair and skin and look as young as possible? But when it comes to really taking care of ourselves, how confident are we to fight back when confronted by an assailant? Because the sad reality is – we live in dangerous times, even more so for women. So this year, as we observe Women’s Day, we owe it to womanhood to talk to you about something other than getting all dolled-up and pampered. What better treat for yourself than learning some of the best kick-ass moves that every woman should know for basic self-defence? Ladies, we bring to you – Krav Maga.

Originally developed in the Israel Defense Forces as the official system of self-defense and hand-hand combat, Krav Maga (literally, ‘contact combat’) is now extensively taught to civilians. It mixes elements of boxing, Muay Thai, Judo and Jujitsu. Read on and learn to kick some serious butt!

Straight punches
straight punch


Target areas: Chin, jaw, throat, nose.
Effect: Distract, stun, and injure attacker, giving you time to escape.
Stance: Fighting stance – feet little wider than hip-distance apart, knees slightly bent, hands up, elbows bent.
Movement: Primarily driving with your legs, with the support of your core, send your fist forward.

Heel Punch



Target areas: Chin, jaw, throat, nose, side and back of head
Effect: It works better than a straight punch if you are uncomfortable with using your fist.
Stance: Get into fighting stance.
Movement: Driving with your legs and your core, send your right hand forward, striking only with the heel of your palm.

Elbow Strike


Target areas: Chin, jaw, throat, nose, side of head, sternum
Effect: Effective at very close range, it creates the most damage with least effort.
Stance: Stand in neutral position.
Movement: Driving with your legs, raise elbows to your side and punch outward.

Knee Strike
knee 2


Target areas: Groin, leg, solar plexus, sternum, liver, kidney, face, head
Effect: Knees are powerful weapons in close range combat.
Stance: Get into fighting stance.
Movement: Grab attacker’s right hand just above the elbow with left hand. With your right hand, grab his right shoulder clutching handfuls of skin. Snatch attacker’s body forward and down as you drive your right hip forward and your right knee forward and up, striking with the point just above your kneecap.

Kick from lying position

Target areas: Groin, midsection, chest, head, knees.
Effect: Considerable damage while staying as far as possible from your opponent.
Stance: Head and shoulders off the ground, chin tucked, hands up to protect your face.
Movement: Place one foot on the ground near your buttocks and draw the other knee close up to your chest, with your foot flexed back. Raise hips off the ground and kick outward. The base foot drives into the ground to engage your hips and generate power.

Remember, try to put as much distance between you and the attacker as possible. When push comes to shove, identify your attacker’s weaknesses and watch for open targets, the most vulnerable being – eyes, nose, neck, knee, and groin. Taking self-defense classes may not sound as glamorous as a day at the spa but each Krav Maga move is a life-saving skill that will make you walk with your head held high. You go, girl! Show them who’s boss!


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