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Experience a new level of Functional Training at F45, HSR Layout

If you are a gym goer, you might be aware of the grueling workouts that are practiced in functional training workouts; these are not only dreadful to look at, but also a ...

Subhra Moitra - September 19, 2017
Celebrity fitness trainers

Here are The Top 10 Celebrity Fitness Trainers

The sculpted physique of your favourite actors sometimes might make you think what do they do to get those chiselled abs, those ripped peck muscles, and bulging biceps or the ...

Subhra Moitra - September 14, 2017

Gympik Research: Lack of Discipline is Major Hurdle for Indians to Stay Fit

Despite the fact that gyms are at every nook and corner these days keeping in mind the importance of health and wellness in today’s hectic world, a recent pan-India research ...

Subhra Moitra - September 11, 2017
kuch heroes aise bhi_Romit Baweja

Kuch Heroes Aise Bhi: The Transformation story of Romit Baweja!

The world we live in is occupied with people whose lives are stuck in the rut, whose goals centre around making money and that’s the number we are worried about more and more. ...

Subhra Moitra - August 31, 2017
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EMS – The New Fitness Trend in Town!

EMS or Electro Muscular Stimulation, the new talk of the town, is something that we all want to explore! Wondering what that is? Well, we have a lot of information to share ...

Subhra Moitra - August 29, 2017
celebrity fitness

Slay your Workout Like these Bollywood Stars!

I’m sure many of us would have drooled over the great bodies of movie stars and wondered how on earth these people can look like gods and goddesses! Have you ever considered ...

Subhra Moitra - August 29, 2017
Is Coffee good or bad-banner

The Good, Bad and the Worse – Know your Coffee!

What’s your favorite pick—black coffee without sugar or coffee mocha? Coffee lovers, give us a cheer….only we can understand the unconditional love when the lips touch the ...

Subhra Moitra - August 28, 2017
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Forza Workout- The New Favourite Workout with Celebs

The new workout in the town that has been doing the rounds since a while now, is Forza workout. Actors like Shahid Kapoor has started including this workout in his schedule as ...

Subhra Moitra - August 24, 2017
Are Diet Sodas really Threat to your Waistline?

Are Diet Sodas really Threat to your Waistline?

Have you been religiously following the ads that say drinking certain beverages could actually boost your cool quotient and make you a stud? Well, if your answer is yes or no ...

Subhra Moitra - August 21, 2017
comfortable gym wear

4 Things to Make Yourself Comfortable at Gym

A great sweat sesh requires to feel great comfort within to shine like a diamond in building stamina, great strength and a body to die for! We believe, if your ‘inner’ God is ...

Subhra Moitra - August 20, 2017