Tired of feeding the pesticide-laced food to yourself and your family? Very much understandable. We all are. With the presence of so much of the chemically produced food in the market, it becomes tough to pick safer food options at times. Luckily there is an option which has become quite popular nowadays. The healthier and safer option of organic food.

Organic food is the kind of food that is grown without any exposure to synthetic agents like, fertilizers and pesticides. It is a better choice. But, with the growing demand and the fact that organics are sold at a high price, there is very much possible that the organic you are paying for is no genuine one. Not to panic, there are a few sets of rules which could be followed while purchasing organic food, to filter those fake ones out.

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Why Should You Buy Organic Food?

Ok! After a lot of discussions and write-ups over this very specific topic, many people upfront with different reasons to buy organic food. For the sake of the environment, animal welfare, health or even for taste sometimes. Before knowing your reason, let’s just get to the basic fact or point which are very common about why to eat organic food?

1. Organic vs Non-organic

 While discussing the benefits of organic food let’s keep the non-organic by the side, for easier comparison. 

  • First of all, least or no amount of chemical residues when you buy an organic food product. Organic food is grown without any synthetic enhancers are known to be much safer.
  • Then, many people claim that organic food is tastier than the non-organic food, the reason could be that the absence of fertilizer and pesticides in these crop lets the original flavour come up.
  • And finally, the higher rate of nutrients makes it much healthier than conventional non-organic food. 

2. It is chemical-free

As discussed earlier, it is free from any kind of pesticides and fertilizers which if taken for a longer-term can cause chronic diseases and health effects. That is why it is always recommended to lead an organic and chemical-free life.

3. Good for all age groups

Organic food is just your day to day food with no chemicals added. So, it can be recommended to the people of any age group beginning from kids to the elderly of your family.

4. Health benefits of organic food

To, all the fitness enthusiasts, this could be your all-time, go to a health regime for a healthier and cleaner body. Even if you are living outside your home. You can opt for chemical-free, home-made organic meals. This will help your body to cut its toxin exposure without many efforts. 

How to Buy Organic Food?

While we are trying to switch to organic food, there are a few things to discuss so that you could buy genuine and money-worthy organic food each time.

1. Labels

First and foremost, look for the genuine actual labels of certified organic on the food products you buy. In our country, the APEDA certified ‘India Organic’ label proves that your food is genuinely organic.

2. The shape and size 

The shape and size of the vegetables and fruits you buy tell a lot about them. Make sure that you put your hands over the medium-sized looking from all. Even for the shape of vegetables. Avoid looking for the sleek proper shaped and shiny ones. It is quite a possibility that those vegetables could be chemically enhanced for a better shape and size. Imperfection is always genuine.

3. Price range 

We understand that organics are a little expensive as compared to the non-organics. But you must pay the right amount for the right product. The price range of products is increased when they travel a longer distance to reach the market and organics being easily perishable are mostly sold locally. So, check correctly if you are being charged for the right product.

4. Shop Local

We all are aware of the fact that organic food is produced and sold locally. That is why this factor can be used as a tool for picking real, authentic organic food. Always buy organic from your local market. Get to know about the nearest organic farms in your area and shop from there. Organic food is easily perishable due to the absence of chemicals in them. So, it is easy to track the real organic that way.

Storage Tips For Organic Food

As we know that the organic products are easily perishable due to no added chemicals and preservatives in them. So, it is important to store them properly for the best usage

 Separate them

The first tip is to store all the purchased fruits and vegetables separately. All vegetables and fruits emit different gases and hormones which when assembles can spoil the food easier than anything else.

 Let them breathe 

As you reach home with your purchase, remove the plastic or rubber bands from the food packaging. It will allow them to breathe and to last longer without going bad. 

 Handle it smaller

 Organic produces have a lower shelf life. So, you should buy your organic products in smaller batches. So that you consume it within the time without wasting much by spoilage.

 Store accordingly

 Never store the following organic vegetables in the refrigerator: 

  • Potatoes
  • Garlic
  • Onions
  • Winter squash

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 Is Organic Worth Your Money?

 Organic produce is costly, but the cost is worth the benefits it possesses. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle in today’s time is not easy. Although we can do that by simply following an organic diet. It is going to save your money from being spent on crazy hospital bills.

But if we put our money into it, we must get the standard quality each time. So to make the best of each penny and to accumulate best health benefits, train yourself to know which is genuine and where the money is being looted out of pockets in the name of organic.

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I am Tanya, Graduate from Delhi University and working for More Orgo Private Limited. I have health and fitness industry experience and I love to share knowledge with people about organic food and fresh cold-pressed juices available in the market. For the most part, I interact with people to know about their lifestyle and how they can stay healthy and fit to live life to the fullest. It’s great to listen to their stories to stay fit and healthy and share my thoughts and knowledge with them.


  1. Great share Tanya! You covered a lot of information on the benefits of switching to organic food and where to find it. Another option is to use organic food subscription services to get produce delivered right to your doorstep. Thanks!

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  3. Even though organic is healthier, the prices can be high, and the quality is sometimes not the best. Despite me thinking it was organic, my child got an allergic reaction to it after eating salad. Would you be so kind as to give us some tips on how to select the right one?

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