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mental wellness: Types of Mental Wellness

Know your Mind better: Types of Mental Illness you should be aware of

From Deepika Padukone talking about it to our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi discussing it, mental health has now come to the foregrounds of health discussions. Also, most of us are unaware of ...

March 31, 2017 400 0
8 Ways to Improve your Mental Wellness

8 Ways to Improve your Mental Wellness

What is mental wellness? According to WHO, mental health is: “A state of well-being in which the individual realises his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work ...

March 21, 2017 745 0
ems banner

EMS – The New Fitness Trend in Town!

EMS or Electro Muscular Stimulation, the new talk of the town, is something that we all want to explore! Wondering what that is? Well, we have a lot of ...

Subhra Moitra August 29, 2017

How Does Spider-Man ‘Hang On’ To Fitness?

Spiderman: Homecoming is breaking records at the box office and winning hearts around the world. One can say the same about Tom Holland, the actor who ...

Dibyajyoti Dasgupta July 10, 2017
fitness motivational quotes

Fitness Motivational Quotes for Kick-Ass Sweat-Sesh!

The body says yes, but a piece of your heart feebly says “NO”! Lack of motivation to hit the gym and do some excruciating workouts— sometimes the thought ...

Subhra Moitra June 23, 2017

Sweat It Out Like Kevin Durant!

The winning streak for the Golden State Warriors may have started with the legendary ‘signing of the toaster’ incident. However, by the time Warriors beat ...

Dibyajyoti Dasgupta June 16, 2017
Rafael Nadal’s Fitness Secret

Check Out Rafael Nadal’s Fitness Secret For Roland Garros!

So the much awaited ‘Clash of the Titans’ is finally over! While Rafael Nadal beat the Swiss champion Stan Wawrinka to secure ‘La Decima’ in ...

Dibyajyoti Dasgupta June 11, 2017