Summers are here and we are already nagging about the scorching heat and finding ways to soothe ourselves. While there isn’t any escape from the weather, you can surely opt for cooling water by learning some water activities like swimming. It can be fun, adventurous, chilling and rejuvenating. But, before you decide, we thought to take you through the reasons why you should learn to swim this summer, if you haven’t already! Let’s check them out.

Shape yourself Under water

swiming wrkoutSwim your way to fitness and get yourself the summer body by being under water. Also, swimming is the best workout you can opt for to fulfill all your fitness needs. You don’t need to plan specific workouts for upper body or lower body, just get into the water and swim. It will shape you, help you lose weight and get you closer to your fitness goals. Now, that’s a cool way to lose weight without sweating!

Switch on the adventure in you

swiming adventure

Being chased by fishes and going deep in water to find a different life altogether is fun, adventurous and exciting. Thus, swimming can bring fun to your monotonous routine and add excitement to make you beat the heat.

Injuries don’t matter when you are under water

swiming injuries

Athletes are advised to swim when injured, to maintain their fitness levels. Swimming plays an important role to help them stay in shape and rehabilitate. It is because the resistance level of water makes their muscle work harder without exerting any strain to the muscles. Thus, swimming is an absolute winner when it comes to all your problems including injuries.

Welcome your fun & frolic side

swming fun

Summers can either be sweating and tiring or fun and frolic depending on the activities you choose to indulge in. It is said that, swimming releases some feel-good chemicals known as endorphins. These chemicals make you feel happy, stress-free and joyous. Thus, this summer, choose the happy you to be the fabulous you!

Keep your stress at bay

swiming stress at bay

Stress is now a part of our daily life and heat adds to it. But, now you have an escape from the stress and worries. A research has proved that, swimming replaces your brain cells that are lost because of stress. This process is called hippocampal neurogenesis and this makes your brain better. Thus, swimming is not only for your physical health but also, for your mental health.

Now that you have enough reasons to jump into the water, get ready to buy your swimwear and enrol in the swimming classes near you. Stay hot and stay fabulous by working out in the coolest way possible. Don’t forget to share and subscribe if you liked the post. For more information on health and fitness contact us at, Gympik.


  1. Learning to swim in summer feels amazing. We will help you identify what type of learning style fits you best and how we can help you most efficiently. We’ll support you every step of the way, from finding the right resources to understanding what’s required by your course or program.


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