Nod your head if you’re a morning person, no right? We guessed it! We don’t blame you though, it’s the super possessive bed that just can’t let you go. But here’s a fix to balance the love affair between your bed and an active day. You can thank us later by sharing this post with a sloth friend of yours.

Things you need: 

15-20 minutes of your day, a yoga mat, willingness to get out of your bed leaving behind your lethargic counterpart, and consistency. That’s all!

How to start:

Take a deep breath, get off that bed gently and now that you’re on your feet, let’s get it started.

1. Surya Namaskar

This is the first step to warm up your body and get those muscles ready for an active day. The easiest stretching exercise that benefits your body in numerous ways is – Surya namaskar. Being popular from the 20th century, this asana is easy to do and quite a kick-starter for your morning. 

Do 3-5 circuits of Surya namaskar.

2. Push-Ups


It’s time to shake that arm and hit the floor (no, we are not dancing, yet)! Push-ups help to strengthen arms, chest, and triceps. Remember to inhale as you lower your body towards the floor and exhale as you pull your body up. The correct posture is to always align your hands to your shoulder distance. If you’re a newbie, you can start off by bending knees and doing push-ups. To make this fun and fruitful, increase your count every day, challenge yourself and your body will thank you!

You can do as much as your body allows but take it slow and increase your count gradually. Do 3 sets of this.

3. Lunges

No, don’t be scared – it’s gonna be worth it! Lunges are super effective in strengthening your lower body like legs, glutes, buttocks. Visualize those well-shaped legs you always wanted and that’s enough motivation to do lunges. Keep your feet shoulder length apart, now take a step forward and bend your knees. Make sure that your one knee is aligned with your toes, while your other knee is almost touching the floor. Repeat this with your other leg. 

Start with 8 to 10 reps, and slowly increase it to 12-15 reps in one set.  Do 3 sets of this.

4. Bicycle Crunches

You can’t possibly miss out on working on your abs, right? Now, this exercise is fun (well, almost) it helps to strengthen your abs muscle and the rectus abdominis. Now, it’s almost similar to doing basic crunches but with added bicycle movements of legs. Watch the reference below on how to do it the right way. 

You can start with 5 sets of 10 reps and gradually increase the count.

5. Jumping Jacks

We saved the easiest and the fun (for real) exercise for last! We hope jumping sheds off the dullness just right to get you going for the day. It’s great for your cardiovascular health and calves. Keep your feet together and jump while extending your legs and arms. Get back to the original position, repeat! P.s – Michelle Obama loves jumping jacks!

Do it for 45 secs to 1 minute for starters.

We are done! Yes, that’s all it takes to make your morning energetic, your body charged up and your mind running to do great things! Now go conquer the world, champions!


  1. Yoga is the holistic you can use it all the way ,it will definitely help to improve you life and then you can improve you work and help to others as well.

  2. Thanks, Sachin! Great article, easy to follow, good exercises even for beginner! Have been doing it for few weeks, my body became fit and there is no back pain anymore. Got it into habit, every morning 15 min of exercises and fill great whole day.

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