Well, the knotty little thing is something that we need when we just want to enjoy our own company than anyone else’s, right! Gym is a place where you actually try avoiding those overly health conscious people who only talk about muscles, diet and body building exercises! Woof, that’s a lot, ‘coz, for the lesser mortals like us, only regular activity of cardio and a bit of weight training do good to our body. By Jove, for that we need our own company and our beloved headphone! But, this story is about when we forget the little champ somewhere else and end up missing it a lot at gym!

Here are some frustrating experiences straight from real life:

  1. You feel hopeless: What could have been an awesome workout comes down to a normal, basically a ho-hum task to complete ‘coz of the lack of presence of the little wonder, called headphones! How much ever you try to salvage the excruciating workout, the performance seems to lose its essence without a little bit of Rihanna in the ear, isn’t it!

feel hopeless


  1. You derail your thought: Generally, you just hit the treadmill with your own pace and take off the earth to experience a killer sweat-sesh; but as luck would have it, you forgot your friend for life- headphones at home. The certain moment when the world breaks down to pieces in front of you is what we all experience when we do the same unforgiving mistake, for which we can’t stop cursing ourselves for life!

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  1. You get to hear everything that you don’t want to: A 10 minutes of cardio seems like 10 years of banishment when everything unnecessary which you deliberately avoid listening to, approaches your ear with ease and make you feel irritable to ruin your workout. For example, the massive workout routine and the dedication of the gigantic human figures who fall under the rare body-builder species but look like the aliens from Mars with muscles grown above muscles, screw your workout as you don’t want to look like a superhuman falling out of the race looking out for prey to preach! Gosh!

hear everything


  1. How you crave for it: You downloaded some awesome workout songs and can’t wait to put that into your ear during workout, to make it a killer one! But, the catch is your headphone is a far cry! So, now something that could have been called a smashing workout, precipitates to something called a ho-hum activity and you feel like a fish out of water.


  1. Concentration level goes haywire: Picture this! You have your heart set on for a superb sweat sesh, you know which muscle needs some special attention and you set a perfect set up in your mind to fling yourself into it! And then, guess what! You rummage through your gym duffle bag and your little fellow is nowhere to be found. You are at your wit’s end about how can you make your workout going without lagging behind!

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poor concentration


When the world behind you falls apart, the only thing you embrace is your headphone and sometimes you realize that little things are not that futile! You get to know ignorance is bliss and your headphones help you stay ignorant of the surroundings, thus making your vicinity more peaceful!


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