Regular curd/dahi, what we call in India is same as of Greek yogurt? Are you one of them who think the exact? Don’t worry, almost everyone has the same thought at least once in their lifetime.

In most parts of India, people believe that curd is the Indian name of Greek yogurt but in reality, there exists a fine line between both of them which makes them different from each other. Greek yogurt nutrition value varies from the curd.

Let’s get straight into the article and know more.

greek yogurt

What is the difference between Greek yogurt and regular curd?

Regular curd is prepared simply by adding leftover curd which produces lactic acid bacteria to ferment the milk into curd via boiling the milk at 30-40 degree Celsius of temperature while Greek yogurt is prepared using the same technique only the fermentation of milk is done by adding two bacterial strain lactobacillus bulgaris and streptococcus thermophiles.

Greek yogurt strains more whey (the milky liquid left in the regular curd) which makes the milky solid liquid remove off completely making the Greek yogurt thicker than before. Regular curd is less strained that is why it consists of the solid milky particles in it.

yogurt benefit

Which one to choose?

Now the confusion arises here! Irrespective of the difference in their characteristics both Greek yogurt and regular curd are able to aid several health problems as both have more or less amount of calcium, protein and good bacteria present in them.

To make your decision wise enough I have listed a hand full of Greek yogurt nutrition value and the regular curd. Have a look at them below:

Greek yogurt:

  • According to Dr. Seema Singh, chief clinical nutritionist, Fortis Hospitals, Vasant Kunj says, “If yogurt is consumed on a daily basis, it facilitates functioning of the active T- cells (dominant cells responsible for maintaining the immunity of the body). Thus it is able to reduce muscle stress. What’s better than this for all of the gym lovers?
  • Greek yogurt also makes the belly fat trim to a greater extent as it is very digestive.
  • You can avail extra benefit from the Greek yogurt by adding the topping of fresh fruits and veggies into it.
  • It helps maintain the blood pressure.
  • Being thicker in nature, it consists of more protein than the regular curd which helps in providing the right amount of energy required to perform your day to day tasks.
  • There are different flavors of Greek yogurt exists while the regular curd is generally not flavored.
  • Due to the presence of calcium in Greek yogurt, it will give the sensation of a full stomach for a longer period of time hence cut down the hunger which is beneficial for weight loss.

greek yogurt

Regular curd:

  • Regular curd has a lower content of fat than Greek yogurt.
  • In Greek yogurt, several additives can be added just to enhance their taste which can cause side-effects to the health.
  • The formation of curd is quite easy than of Greek yogurt.
  • Being rich source of calcium, curd makes the bones and teeth stronger.
  • It is also very good for digestion as it gives relief from spicy food.

real curd

To conclude, greek yogurt benefits are more than those of regular curd as it is enriched with low sugar, carbs and high protein comparative to regular curd.

It is a perfect choice for all the fitness enthusiasts out there. It can be considered as a superfood for breakfast too and can be easily replaced in place of the desi dahi as it is more standardized product than the regular curd due to the addition of two strained bacteria.

Greek yogurt nutrition value can be enhanced by making a smoothie out of it using fresh fruits and veggies. Below are the few tips of juice and yogurt smoothie that will turn out to be a perfect breakfast:

  • Experiment with different fruits together for making juice and yogurt smoothie.
  • Chop off the fruits and put them in a jar along with yogurt.
  • Refrain from adding any additives to make the smoothie sweeter as fruits are already sweet by nature and yogurt has a high content of saturated fat.
  • If you still want, add honey as a sweetener.
  • Mix all of the ingredients together and blind it properly.
  • Remember that more milk you add thinner will be the smoothie.

yogurt with fruits

Keep on trying and mix up different fruits every day to have the maximum health benefits out of it. It is extremely beneficial for those who want to lose weight but don’t want to compromise on the taste of the food.

Other than this, fresh and natural cold-pressed juices can also be consumed as a substitute for juice and yogurt smoothie. The variation in breakfast will also provide several health benefits and you will also not get bored too.

Cold-pressed juice has high nutrient value and proved to be suitable to maintain the overall physical and mental health. They are purely chemical free and can be taken as a snack and in the breakfast to boost up the energy.

Final thoughts:

Greek yogurt can be used for a longer period of time than the regular curd. It consists of healthy bacteria which are one of the essential requirement of the body.

Avoid buying flavored Greek yogurts as they might consist of external preservatives. Always opt for plain Greek yogurts if not making it at home. At the end its your decision so make a smart choice and choose the one which is beneficial for your health.



  1. Greek yogurt is a good choice if you’re looking for a nutritious alternative to regular curd. It’s made by straining the milk, adding live cultures, and letting it sit for several hours. The longer it sits, the thicker and richer the yogurt will be. And because of that, Greek yogurt has more protein than regular curd. I used to take greek yogurt before finding criminal law dissertation topics UK because greek yogurt gives me energy and then I can do my task with full energy.

  2. With the increasing popularity of Greek yogurt and the number of health claims it can provide, it is worth asking the question: is Greek yogurt more nutritious than regular curd? This article will explore this question in depth by examining the nutritional content of both types of yogurt, their potential health benefits, and why one might be healthier than the other. We will also look at how to identify which yogurt best suits a person’s dietary needs.

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  7. Greek yogurt offers superior nutrition compared to regular curd. It undergoes a straining process, removing excess whey and liquid, resulting in a thicker texture with higher protein content. This makes Greek yogurt an excellent source of protein, calcium, and probiotics, promoting better satiety, muscle health, and gut function. Its concentrated nutrients make it a nutritious choice for a wholesome diet.

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  10. Greek yogurt offers more protein and probiotics compared to regular curd, making it a nutritious choice. Its thicker texture and lower sugar content assisted living facilities near me Long Beach also make it a favorite in my diet. Incorporating Greek yogurt has improved my digestion and provided a satisfying, healthy option for snacks and meals.


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