At  first, Simrun Chopra might seem like a very ordinary mom from your neighbourhood but her story sets her apart! Her breathtaking transformation is sure to sweep you off your feet. Yes, folks, this is a real life hero we’re talking about who’s dropped about 4 sizes and lost 23 kgs, all in the span of less than 5 months. Her pragmatic personality lights up the lives of many, as she influences them to walk on the path of fitness. With lots of health conditions during and post pregnancy, and then with a newborn around all the time – you bet, it wasn’t easy at all! But nothing has stopped her from getting fit. An experimental fitness freak, Simrun Chopra’s is a story that’s worth knowing. A fitness enthusiast, a lifestyle influencer, and a blogger, Simrun is also the Vice President of Equa Consulting. A mom to a little t-rex, Simrun balances her home, work, and workout perfectly well!

Dedicated, determined, and headstrong, Simrun is definitely an epitome of inspiration to all the mothers who have complained about their postpartum weight problems. She ignites people to burn their excuses down and work hard for all that they desired – better body, healthier mind, and managed weight. Get ready people, in  an exclusive interview with Gympik on her mind blowing transformation and fitness journey, this is what the superwoman had to say.

Gympik: How long have you been associated with fitness? Tell us about your journey.

Simrun: My pregnancy was a tough phase! I dealt with a number of issues including gestational diabetes. Though I was initially put on a strict diet, post delivery I pigged out without considering the consequences. Portion sizes were massive and I piled on weight very quickly! But then pregnancy and taking care of a baby took a toll on me. While it seems very logical that we look at recovery and work towards restoring our bodies to make it stronger, nobody actually does it. Before I knew it, I had piled on the weight and had done nothing about my health. With my weight soaring on the higher side, a lot of medical issues cropped up and I was told the only way out was to lose some kilos.

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Looking back I was appalled at myself, to have let it come to a ‘do or die’ stage to decide to be healthy. Well, it’s almost been 3 and a half years since I began working out and there has been no looking back since then.

I had firmly decided to make a  lifestyle change. I continued to work towards becoming a healthier, fitter, and stronger me. Unlike most people, my goal wasn’t just weight loss. I could feel the positive changes in my mental and physical health. Today, fitness has become a part of my lifestyle.

Gympik: What kind of diet plan did you follow during your transformation?

Simrun: When I began, I was sure I didn’t want to resort to any fad diets. During the first phase of my journey where weight loss and back strengthening was my goal, I followed a sustainable diet, mostly eating regular food. I stayed away from the usual culprits like junk foods and processed foods.

I struggled, I wanted to cheat, I wanted to give up. I had cravings every day. But I also had a goal I wanted more than anything else.

Unlike most people, I didn’t reward myself with cheat meals. I didn’t want to reinforce that I was restricting myself from certain foods. I set smaller goals for milestones. I would reward myself with something that would encourage me to keep working towards a better health. Like a dress or a spa treatment. Nothing compares or motivates you as much as realising you can fit into a smaller size. *giggles*

Simrun Chopra Secret Diet

Gympik: What workout regimen did you follow for such an amazing transformation? Any specific workout form that’s been your favorite?

Simrun: I began with a good mix of cardio and strength training. As I mentioned, I have been experimental. I enjoy all kinds of workouts and I love to try new things every now and then. However, strength training remains at the top of my list. I also work on cardiovascular health and endurance too.

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Restrain or sustain ? Diet or lifestyle ? These days everywhere you look there's diet advice. Every magazine talks about some new diet whether its the peanut butter diet or the cabbage soup diet!! If you turn on the radio you hear you can drink some solution and lose weight overnight. IT DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY . A diet should be a way of life. Like a vegetarian diet or non vegetarian diet etc. We over the years have developed a style of eating and trying to change that overnight never works. For me restraint doesnt work over the long term. How long can you stop yourself from eating x,y,z. . There is no diet that will do what healthy eating does. Skip the diet and just eat healthy Dont beat yourself up if you're not entirely "there" yet with your eating habits. Change that lasts is change you can sustain. So start small and do what you can to eat clean. ‎ . The objective should be to make it a lifestyle…To make it a lifestyle you need to change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine. . Let me know something you think you can change from tomorrow. Something small that you can sustain. . . . . . . . . . .#indianfitness #fitindians #indiantravelblogger #fitindia #indianbloggers #indianmom #indianmoms #indianblogger #weightlosstransformation #indianmommyblogger #indianwomen #dubaifitness #bangaloreblogger #puneblogger #mumbaimoms #fitnessbloggers #fitnessblogger #delhiblogger #kolkatablogger #indianmomblogger #mumbaiblogger #delhibloggers #chennaiblogger #hyderabadblogger #sodelhi #bangalorediaries . . . . @indian_female_fitness @fit_indians @fit_india_hit_india @fitness_club_india @fitgirlsworldwide @fatloss_weightloss_lg @fitindia_ @fitnutin @fitzupofficial @fitlookmagazine @real.transformation @_fitness_india_ @delhi_hot_shoutout @24_over_gym @fact_fitness @indian_blogger_ @fitnessfreakrrrr @famous_indian_ @adidasrunnersin @underarmourwomen @underarmourindia @reebokwomen_india @reebokindia @asicsindia @yogue_activewear @gymxapparel @sheinofficial @piranhasportswear @wulframathletics @rippedupnutrition @silvertraq @flirtatious_india @thewonderwomenworld

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Gympik: What challenges did you face enroute your transformation journey?

Simrun: Lot of medical conditions ranging from PCOS to bulged discs – these were just the physical constraints that I had faced! There was a lot of struggle to take care of my baby and fitting into fitness. As a mom you are expected to dedicate your entire life to your child. You are mocked for being overweight and then taunted for taking time out to do something about it. People will always be judging.

There are and will be challenges that come your way everyday – time constraints, costs, social pressure, and of course, lack of motivation. For every challenge, ask yourself which will matter more in the coming 5 years – your goals or these small hurdles?

This journey has taught me to change my attitude towards negativity, to prioritise myself, my goals, and work towards them irrespective of the negativity around you. I do what I must do for my well being and betterment!

Simrun Chopra

Gympik: What’s your secret mantra to stay motivated towards fitness?

Simrun: Anything that you do diligently for at least a month or so becomes a habit! I think once you start and keep with it for 6 months it becomes a part of your life. If you can make it your lifestyle, it will become something you would enjoy and look forward to.

Make workout a part of your life, not an afterthought. Pick the workouts that you enjoy doing and if possible, do it on a daily basis. Start slow and be consistent to what activity you do. Start small, maybe with a brisk walk  or home workouts for half an hour and then gradually increase the time. We don’t have the pressure of being body ready but you are doing this only to feel better and be healthier.

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Gympik: Setting aside physical fitness and getting into shape, what other benefits does workout have?

Simrun: Being fitter, stronger, and healthier isn’t just about the aesthetics. You soon realise the positive effect is also on your mental well being. The lifestyle changes have helped me control my PCOS , its side effects, and also my borderline diabetes. Physically, now I feel much stronger and healthier devoid of any discomfort or strain. The added energy and uplifted mood everyday are the perks I received by making this choice. A regular workout regime and a healthier lifestyle choice taught me that I have it in me to work hard towards what I want, and with the right attitude and perseverance, I can achieve anything. If you work towards achieving better health, your 60 year old self will thank you for it!Simrun Chopra - Benefits of workout

Gympik: Who do you idolise for fitness and why?

Simrun: I have a number of idols but the ones I look up to the most are the ones who have fought through depression, excessive weight gain, and turned their lives around. These people are the examples of what hard work, determination, consistency, and perseverance can achieve. People who did it the natural way, did not look for a quick fix and instead worked for it. So, to me an idol isn’t someone with a million followers, I respect and look up to anyone who has managed to fight their excuses and achieve fantastic results towards what they want to be in life.

Simrun Chopra - Stretching Exercises

Gympik: What according to you, does fitness stand for?

Simrun: Fitness for me is a lifestyle. Fitness isn’t about being better than someone else, it’s about being better than who you used to be. “Do what you can, when you can, where you can”. I keep saying “take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live in” and “don’t wish for it, work for it”. I truly believe in these quotes!

There is no perfect body. It is important to find ways to work with your habits and lifestyle to achieve a healthier and a fitter you.

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Kudos Simrun for making us realize excuses don’t burn calories! We hope all you women out there find your inspiration from Simrun’s journey and take your fitness and health to a new level. And in case you are craving for more, you can connect with Simrun on Instagram and Facebook for more updates and fitness tips. Keep reading our blog for more such inspiring and invigorating stories. Until next time, workout and stay fit!

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