The romantic season has arrived and we can feel, love everywhere! Even at the gym, couples set new fitness goals and beat it together. Sounds a little filmy, huh? But no, we aren’t talking about a movie scene where the ‘in-love’ couple are on the same fitness page as the other! However, though it might seem like a great idea here’s a word of caution – try working out on your love for fitness and for each other, and that’s why they say, “Couple who sweat together, stay together.” So, this Valentine’s Day, we’re bringing you closer to a couple to whom falling in love with fitness was one of the parameters to fall in love with each other! This fit couple – Aditi and Amar – are one crazy duo; of course for plethora of mind blowing reasons. We got to interview them to know about their secret to stay amazingly fit. So here goes their love story!

Amar & Aditi Fitness Story – How it all began

The fit-couple, Amar and Aditi, had dated for about 3 years before getting hitched last year. They met in the US. But Amar’s love for fitness had steamed up much before that. Anyhow, after they were married, Aditi caught the fitness bug too and Amar has, since then, been a mentor, coach and guide to this Indore beauty to help her with the right training and set of exercises. But what influenced Amar into hitting the gym and getting ripped? What or who was his inspiration? Well, it didn’t come as a surprise at all that Amar was first introduced to the gym by his big brother, the fitness freak and the Founder & CEO of Gympik, Amaresh. For Amar, gym was love at first sight and he’s been addicted to it ever since! And this ain’t just any other addiction. Our mouths were left wide open when he said, he had missed only 3 days of gym in the last 4 years. Even when Amar is travelling, he makes it a point to pick a hotel that has a gym in it. Because excuses don’t build muscles, sweetheart! (Well, we can just hide our faces to escape the vilification!)

Couples Fitness Story Amar and Aditi

The Journey of Amar and Aditi

Amar says with a giggle, “I started working out only because I wanted to flaunt off a good body!” But as he spent time on himself at the gym, he started seeing his life take a positive curve for the better. Not just did his muscles develop but he was feeling great emotionally, and mentally as well. As a seasoned fitness fanatic, Amar has evolved so much that he doesn’t believe in showing off his body or his knowledge. “This comes with the kind of maturity that helps you distinguish between showing off and actually implementing bigger changes in your lifestyle”, says Amar. When asked about why his workout clothes are a little different from the rest, he says,“I workout for myself. Not for the world to know how my body looks like. It’s more about me to get healthier, and stronger. I’ve grown past the phase of showing off! Now it’s more of the science behind it and my passion for fitness.”

Amar is currently the proud owner of 4 different fitness based certifications with NPC Pro Card that allows him to compete professionally (bodybuilding) in the US. Amar runs his own startup and hey, this body that he has worked so hard in building is completely natural. No meat and absolutely no steroids either as said by the fitness enthusiast himself! Aditi is a Cancer Researcher (Research Assistant II at MD Anderson Cancer Center) and fell in love with fitness under Amar’s influence. Getting picked from work and hitting the gym together was how it began for Aditi.Couples-fitness-Aditi-Amar-their journey

The Meaning of fitness to the couple

“Fitness for me is like an outlet for venting out all the frustration which comes from your work life. But it also gives me a motivation for me to push harder everyday.” says Amar. For Aditi, “It was mostly about the ‘us’ time. In our busy schedule, working out together helps strengthen our bond as a team.” Whereas Amar says, “I drive her to take challenges when we are working out. It’s fun, it helps us get along better, understand each other’s passion, and build trust.”Couples-fitness-Aditi-Amar-Meaning-of-fitness

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What’s your regimen like? Do you have any favourite workout?

Being the bibliophile, Amar loves to read books on science, body and muscle anatomy, and the mechanisms of working out. He reads as many as 10-12 books a year that are entirely based on fitness and workout alone. He believes in doing the groundwork before building an empire and hence, when it comes to workout, he does his research, keeps himself updated with the trend and nails at the gym like no other does. Aditi, when it comes to her workouts, swears by Amar’s knowledge and mentorship implicitly!

How does this ‘Fit Couple’ Spend their leisure time

Aditi was gleaming with joy when she answered this – “It’s entirely family time for us when we aren’t busy working or working out! Amar’s list of life goals has family time on the priority part of the list whatever be his work life looks like.” Amar ensures he’s always home and spending quality time with his spouse when she isn’t working. And surely, their visit to India is always an affair to remember – from spending jovial time with 5 years old Achintya (nephew), to family get together in Arrah, Bihar (Amar’s hometown), Indore (Aditi’s hometown) and loads of desi foods, just bring back the charm of the ‘desi’ touch in the couple’s life. So much for all of us to learn, huh? Love isn’t only about gifting precious gifts it’s also about gifting life’s most precious commodity – Time! And this ‘Fit Couple’ surely does know how to do it right!


Challenges and difficulties enroute fitness

While for Amar it was always getting things right, for Aditi it was different path altogether. What Aditi believed she lacked for getting into a fitness regimen was, motivation. And maybe somewhere we all face this issue once in a while. Aditi needed a push and Amar was the best bet into getting her to move further on her fitness journey. As Aditi said, “Amar’s motivation is what keeps me going. I’m not really a self driven person, hence, I need that slight push every now and then.” Glad they have each other because when you have company things become so much easier, don’t they? Amar is a perfectionist when it comes to his workouts. His postures need to be accurate and his movement precise and that’s what his learnings are all about.

Couple's fitness - problems enroute

What’s your motivation

What Amar answered to this left us awe inspired. Here’s what he said, “Treat gym as a temple. You often keep wondering what God has given you. Well, here’s your answer – your body! Your body is your gift from God. Treat it right. Workout well. Eat clean and healthy. That’ll keep you motivated enough to keep you going.” We couldn’t agree more.

Couple's fitness - What’s your motivation

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Being physically fit, getting into shape and beyond

We asked the couple what are the benefits of working out together have apart from being physically fit and getting into shape. There was not even a momentary pause before the couple said in unison, “Everything!” Aditi also specified, “Gym time is like special bonding time for us. I love watching Amar workout. He picks me up after work and we hit the gym together. Working out with him is learning how to get comfortable in your own skin and make progress consistently.” Don’t we all know already what amazing benefits working out comes with? When you workout, you change romantically. Your steamy acts between the sheets gets better. Your emotional and mental state is a lot better and your relationship graph curves to go steadily upward. Who needs to tell you all these, people? Go get your running shoes ready, pick your partner up and hit the gym. It’s now or never!Couple's fitness - being physically fit and beyond

Takeaways for you!

Thinking about what more you can take away from their fitness journey? The duo believes in working out as a team that not only rejuvenates their relationship but also makes them stronger and healthier every single day. Well, this quote from Aditi summed it up for us – “Let’s face the fact – there are no shortcuts! You have to work hard and be dedicated to get what you desire.” Aditi has the right blend of hard work and dedication and with Amar by her side, there’s nothing that can stop them for sharing the strongest bond, be it love or fitness!

That was an aww-dorable story that has every spice of life and fitness has a huge influence! We couldn’t be more accurate when we say, we are really inspired by this couple and wish they keep doing what they do best- spreading love and health! So that was about this fit couple. For more such inspiring and refreshing content keep following us. We will be back with more. Share your thoughts and questions with us in the comments section below. Don’t forget to like and share.

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