We all think of waking up one day and making an impulsive decision of breaking the monotony, resigning the boring job, and chasing that passion. Sounds like a dream and a bad idea, all at once, right?! Well, not surprising to know that there are such brave chasers out there, slaying their passion and living their best life. 31 year old, Arunava Bhattacharyya is setting major fitness goals while you’re busy procrastinating your workout plans. Well, if you are a fitness enthusiast then you must be aware of his name or you are an amateur or started off your fitness journey recently, here is all you need to know about this fitness goliath to take your fitness journey ahead.  In an exclusive interview with Gympik, Arunava revealed his fitness secrets and his journey. Keep reading this inspiring journey of Arunava for your super dose of fitness. If this doesn’t kick start your fitness hormone, you may better declare yourself as a couch!

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Gympik: Tell us something about your fitness journey- when did you start and how it has become an important part of you?

Arunava: Shredding muscles is a fulltime addiction and mind you, it doesn’t come easily.  “My love towards fitness started when I was 16. With a bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy, I approached Neulife for the position of Supplement Expert but ended up being in their sales team. (relatable struggle, eh?) But fate took a bright turn in 2013 and I took fitness as my career option. Leaving my fulltime job and a steady career, the leap of faith proved quite fruitful. I think it’s all because of my passion for fitness.”

Arunava further says, “I started freelancing as a trainer, helping clients to achieve their fitness goals. I totally believed that my  fitness practice isn’t just about physical wellbeing but also about the discipline that comes with consistent dedication towards fitness.” Understanding the physical bandwidth of clients, Arunava says, “I try to coach these individuals to build a sustainable lifestyle where they can balance fitness along with their professional and personal commitments.” Shouldn’t we just crown him as a dream trainer, already?

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Gympik: What do you think is the right approach for anyone who wants to follow a consistent workout regime?

Arunava: Dare to dream and it will take you a long way, this is more than an Instagram caption and you gotta believe in it. Arunava says,“I think that whatever little success I have is primarily because I try to pay attention to the smallest details. It can’t be a ‘One size fits all’ kind of approach. Everybody is different and so is an individual’s lifestyle. Customizing a fitness plan for a client by understanding and scrutinizing their health reports, habits, work schedule, fitness goals, medical history, genetic predispositions, etc allows me to arrive at a diet and training program which the client can actually sustain and maintain over an extended period.” With trainers like our very own Brahim Bull, you can be assured that nothing’s getting gagged down your throat unless you’re ready for it.

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Gympik: What do you think about the competition in fitness industry and where do you see yourself?

Arunava: “I keep myself away from the petty competitive agendas. I believe that it is crucial to be empathetic and patient towards the client. Motivating them to achieve their best self, making them fall in love with the person they see in the mirror every day, is the key to connect with people. There’s a sense of trust and transparency that I try to maintain with my clients that make them sweat it out with me for more than 4 years!” Isn’t that something to boast about? Truly!

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Gympik: What is your mantra in fitness? Tell our readers about your fitness program.

Arunava: My mantra with all my clients is to make them surpass the obstacles of time management and self-motivation. Arunava adds, “The counseling programs have to be of minimum 90 days; it helps my clients to take control of their fitness. I monitor and consult my clients with the best diet intake for maximum body benefit. Everyone loves and deserves to see their progress taking an up-graph, I provide them with regular health, body and weight checkups to keep up with their fitness goals. While you’re working on your physical self, it’s also important to understand you body’s bandwidth and threshold to embrace the change. I suggest a periodic DEXA scanning and in-body analysis to track progress to make sure your body is all set to take the next big fitness leap.”

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Gympik:  How do you motivate yourself and others to workout everyday?

Arunava: Everyone keeps running from the dark cloud to find their light of motivation, Arunava is no exception. “I am very conscious about my appearance. Also, I like feeling and looking strong. So even during the worst phases of my life, focusing on fitness kept my spirits high and kept me focused.” Our delusion of fries are everything is getting hit hard by the fact that fitness is everything. And oh boy, it’s believable!

Arunava says, “I worship fitness and think the dedication of making fitness a lifestyle than just a mere choice that comes from my father who is 70+ years old now. He still spends 45 minutes every morning to do stretching, basic exercises, and yoga. It’s safer to say that I came a long way with my passion for fitness.”

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Gympik: Would you like to talk about your flourishing achievements in the fitness industry?

Arunava: “I am a brand ambassador for XS by Amway, an athlete for gyms and brands and a sports nutrition expert. I have been a part of the judging panel for Musclemania and Mr.Bangalore and currently I’m hosting an upcoming Bangalore show.” We are impressed, floored and started doing push ups already.

How your decisions to do what you love changes your life is surreal. Arunava’s fitness journey is relatable and reaches out to the generation who wishes to do more but is often scared to take the chances.  “Your body is all you have and all that stays, make it worth admiration” is Arunava’s motto towards his fit lifestyle. We wish that your thought of workout takes a real turn and you end up being a better version of yourself. Until then, to keep the motivation pumped up, here’s what Arunava has to say about sticking to your workout plan – “The key is to be consistent, not to seek perfection!” He believes that everyone is a born crystal a little polishing to shine the best is all we need.  

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  1. Many of us often dream of breaking free from the monotony of a boring job and following our passions, but it takes courage and determination to turn those dreams into reality.


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