When Hrithik appeared on-screen in the movie “Zindagi Naa Milegi Dobara”, our hearts skipped a beat and we couldn’t restrain the sudden Adrenaline rush that almost pierced our hearts. He has had this effect, since he first appeared and danced to the tunes of “Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai”. I am sure, even then the women might have nodded their heads to confess and exclaim “Kaha Naa Pyaar Hai!” His entry in Bollywood had set a different standard of good looks, oomph factor and fabulous physique. The tinsel town had got a Greek God and his effect mesmerized everyone in and around.

Hrithik Roshan's Fitness Regime

Even today at the age of 41, Hrithik has the same or should I say, even better looks. His suave can still make women go weak in their knees. If you happen to think about the reasons of this dazzling effect his personality enthralls on people around, the answer is simple and right there–it’s his good looks combined with the well sculpted six-pack abs that’s captivating eyeballs.

One look at his body and the men are intrigued while the women, well, they enjoy the perfection at its peak. Caring for your health and looks, we thought of helping the men and all the fitness enthusiasts to train themselves into looking somewhere near to him. Thus, we have tried to compile and decode his fitness regime. I’m sure you wouldn’t like to miss this. Oh yeah, we can already hear your cheering! Let’s move ahead then!

Hrithik Roshan’s Fitness Regime

Hrithik has trained under various fitness trainers, latest of them being Kris Gethin. Exercising right is the most important factor to achieve your fitness goals. He has exercised and raised the fitness standards for everyone around. Let’s gain an insight into his workout regime:

He allocates four days a week for exercises, which emphasizes the importance of rest our body needs. His training plan depends on his strength levels and he usually performs 20-25 minutes of cardio workouts, twice a day. His workouts are emphasized on CrossFit, cardio training, and weight training.

Hrithik Roshan’s Workout Routine

Cross Functional training 5 times a week: His Cross-functional training includes Power Bag Exercises, Bear Crawls, Bungee Sprints, TRX Drills, Sledge Hammer Drills, Jacobs Ladder Drills, Sandbag Drills, Cone Drills, Tire Flips, Plyometrics, T-Bar Anchor Swings, Kickboxing, Shoulder Press and Kettle bell swings.

Day 1: The start of the week is focused on Back, Chest, and Calves (1-3 sets of exercises with around 10 reps) which include Incline dumbbell flyes, dumbbell bench press, back extensions, calf raises in both seated and standing postures, bent-over barbell row and underhand cable pull downs.

Day 2: This day is dedicated to Legs (2-5 sets of exercises with 12-15 reps) which include seated leg tucks, leg press, hack squat, leg curls and leg extensions.

The third day of the week is his rest day.

Day 3: After a day’s rest, a new day starts with stringent workout for Abs, Shoulders, and Calves (2-3 sets of exercises with around 12 reps) that includes Barbell military press in seated position, side lateral raise, reverse flyes, seated as well as standing calf raises, upright barbell row and weighted sit-ups.

Day 4: This day is all about biceps and triceps. He starts his day with 2-3 sets of exercises with 10-15 reps of Dumbbell pullover, overhead triceps extension using cable rope, dumbbell triceps extension in a standing position, concentration curls, lying triceps extension with cable, straight-arm pull down, alternate bicep curl with dumbbells and standing biceps curl with cable.

Hrithik Roshan fitness regime

Bodybuilding Tips from ‘The man’ himself

Here are a few body building tips from the star:

  • Combine different exercises for different parts of body.
  • Rest and sleep are important for health and fitness and that is what he follows.
  • Weight should be proportionate to height for a good-looking physique and that is what he focuses on.
  • Stretching exercises before starting your work-out is a must.
  • One can get those six packs only when one feels healthy.
  • Be stress free and strong mentally.
  • To make a fit and healthy body, the role of diet and exercise are in the ratio of 90:10.
  • Cut down sodium from your diet.
  • Negligible intake of sugar.
  • One can achieve a fine physique through his dedication and determination.

Diet Plan to join the fitness clan

We are aware about the importance of healthy eating and the role it plays in getting one into shape. To stay in shape Hrithik combines his strict workout regime with a healthy and neat diet plan which helps him get that chiseled body.

Under the guidance of Kris Gethin and Marika Johansson, his diet plan is a combination of nutrition and taste. Eggs, fruits and vegetables along with salads are a must in his diet. To fulfill the protein nutrient and vitamin content in the body he also takes supplements like multivitamins, Glutamine, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Creatine, Omega 3 and protein shake.

His diet plan looks like this:

Breakfast: To have a protein rich breakfast, the superstar takes some eggs along with brown bread, a platter of fruits, protein shakes and corn flakes with milk.

Lunch: His lunch is packed with nutrition and includes protein shake, chicken breast, green vegetables with rotis and dal, a fish platter snack, caesar salad, egg white sandwiches and fruit salad in it.

Dinner: His dinner is again a rich source of proteins so, he has eggs with brown bread, half chicken or fish with vegetables to fulfill the requirement.

The idea is to, have healthy food instead of processed or junk food. What you eat is how you feel and thus, it is very important to eat healthy and stay fit.

We are sure, this fitness mantra might have given you an insight into what it takes to be fit and healthy. Few changes into your lifestyle and you can boast about your health and fitness. Above all, you can feel happy and healthy and possess a dapper look and make people awestruck by your appearances. We’ll come back with more fitness inspiration with their workout regime and diet plans. Till then, stay fit, stay happy!

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