Are you one of those many followers who have been drooling over this chocolaty boy’s debonair, then you are not to be blamed. We know someone as dashing and scrumptious as Vijender Singh can win millions of hearts with his looks and that ravishing physique. This Olympic medalist, Padma Shri, and the winner of Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award, not only concentrates on making his body flexible, but also puts a lot of hard work in gaining muscles and strength which is a must in the sports he is into.

Being a pugilist, his fitness regime may have loads of workouts that are intermingled with his boxing routine, but he adheres to the suggested workouts religiously. To know more about his workout and diet routine, read on!

Vijender Singh’s workout routine

His 4 to 6 hours training comprises of a customized weight-training, flexibility, cardio and practicing boxing. His idea of a proper training should fetch improved strength, toning, flexibility and stamina.

Strength Training

Vijender believes in structuring his training in a way so that his flexibility is not hampered. His trainer Lee Beard ensures Singh gets every bit of training he requires to hurl those thunder punches and swiftness of foot movement to make winning blows in the ring. Vijender maintains, “Most knockouts are because of weak legs and imbalance not due to powerful blows. If your legs and neck cannot absorb the shock, you will fall.” Being a boxer, Singh ensures his fitness regimen centers upon amalgamating the right strength while improving agility. His strength training consists of pushups, footwork drills, chin-ups, biceps and triceps workout, legs workout. A pugilist should always focus on strong and swift foot works for a better performance in the ring and hence, his workout includes a lot of cardio along with leg strengthening exercises.

vijender weight training

Cardio: Vijender’s cardio exercises includes running and skipping, though this thunder man doesn’t have a keen liking for running. The idea behind following a cardio exercise is to improve footwork and swiftness as these are considered to be the strengths of an aggressive fighter in the ring. Moreover, cardio helps him to kick-start his exercise regimen and keep his body warmed up.

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Sport training: There is no other way than practice to get those perfect moves, and a pugilist like Singh knows how to add more to get the best out of it. A complete understanding of mental flow that directs towards keeping the mind calm during strenuous moments during the game, the times when he needs to be aggressive and fierce to control the pace of his movements and hurl defensive jabs. His training includes perfecting the techniques by doing shadow boxing, and mastering the offensive and defensive moves by practicing sparring.

Flexibility of body and mind: Mental wellness has an immense impact on the way one performs in the ring. The boxers should have total control over their mind and body to deliver the right set of winning moves with agility and fierceness. A sound state of mind helps calming the mind at the time of pressure, improves concentration, focus during the fight and channelize the energy at the crucial times. This 31 years old believes in the importance of powerful mental stability and self-introspection that influence performance during the sport and maintain sanity as well. Singh is a fan of yoga, meditation and mind-training exercises that help him attain mental flexibility and provide relaxation.


Vijender Singh’s diet

Being in sports where a hoard of people’s dreams win and lose every day, the love and respect for the player increase with how they maintain their composure, improve with each single game and what they are in real life. This Olympic champion maintains a healthy yet ‘desi’ diet. His diet includes a lot of green veggies and fruits to fulfil his fiber intake. He ensures his diet consists of milk, ghee and lean meat to replenish the strength of his muscles. Portion is the biggest concern when it comes to dietary intake and he ensures he doesn’t overdo it.

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Apart from following a strict workout regimen that is modified by his trainer at a regular interval and healthy eating habits, Vijender follows a healthy lifestyle that includes a 7-8 hours of sleep and avoids junk foods. In such sports where the body needs maximum strength to fight the opponent, a constant calculation to defense oneself, the mind needs to be alert and a complete rest of mind and body is a must. Singh believes, a good night’s sleep does the trick, it recovers the muscles and relieves mental stress.

So, here we wish the boxing champion all the very best for his future fights. What makes Vijender shine in the winning armour is his dedication towards boxing, his strict workout regimen and a winning spirit that smashes everyone who comes between his trophy and him. The workouts mentioned here can be performed by anyone who wants to invest some time on their body and if you are one among them, go ahead because when the fitness inspiration is Vijender Singh, the fighter in you gets enough exposure to shine brighter!

Disclaimer: The content in this article is purely research based and the workouts mentioned in the chart are suggested by Gympik’s expert trainers.
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