Building muscles can be tough and excruciating, and it requires a sense of commitment, dedication, hard work and constant motivation to stick to that grueling plan. The workout that has been planned for the God of Thunder, Thor, Chris Hemsworth had to follow not only loads of grueling pain but also immense self-motivation to perform them, and that’s what made him reach the level of a beast who is worth the craze!

If you’re wondering what took this skinny athletic body to completely reverse his lifestyle and perform the role of Thor Ragnarok, you should be reading this.

Well, as much you are thrilled to book the tickets for the movie, you must know what mere mortals can do to take up the role of a mythical superhero and nail it in the skin of a human body.

Here’s Chris Hemsworth’s workout regimen that made him look like the hero who appeared from the pages of mythology.

Chris Hemsworth’s workout regimen:

The one thing we have been saying is, fitness is not only a journey, it’s a lifestyle! And the perfect recipe to reach the goal has three main ingredients, i.e. hard work, dedication and commitment. Period!

Whether you are a newbie or a pro in fitness, we have tried to compile everything related to Chris’s workout that can take you where you meet your fitness goals.

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Chris’s workout includes 5-6 days a week with rigorous training session for a couple of hours under his personal trainers, Duffy Gaver and Luke Zocchi. Apart from this, his intense cardio and weight training was designed by Michael Knight, Michigan’s Art of Strength director.

thor workout

The Thor Ragnarok Inspired Workout Program

Chris’s workout plan is woven by his extremely talented personal trainers who know what it takes to give him the ripped body to look like the mythology God! Of course, rest day is a must in between to make the muscles relax and fire up the workout station the next day.

So, here it is, the workout regimen to get a body like Great Thor a.k.a Chris Hemsworth:


Incline Bench Press412-15
Dumbbell Press4 10-12
Barbell Pullovers412
Hammer Strength Chest Press412
Dumbbell Flys412
Push up variations512-15


Weighted Pullup510-12
Bent-over Row412
Hammer Strength Row412
Lat Pull Downs510-12
Dumbbell Row412
Back Lat Pull Down412


Reverse Crunch3-412-15
Sit Up3-412-15
Hanging Leg Raise3-510-12
Cable Crunch412-15
Oblique Crunch variations412-15


Barbell Back Squat410-12
Power Squats3-412-15
Front Squats3-412-15
Seated Leg Curls3-415-20
Stiff-legged Deadlift412-15
Seated Leg Curl412-15
Hamstring curls412


Concentration Curls412-15
Dumbbell Curls3-412-15
Hammer Curls3-412-15
Barbell Curls3-410-12
Preacher Curls410-12
Push Down412-15
Overhead Cable Triceps Extension310-12
Lying Triceps Extension310-12
Triceps Kickback310-12
Triceps Dips312


Arnold Press3-412-15
Bent Over Lateral Raises3-412-15
Lateral Dumbbell Raises3-410-12
External Arm Rotations at A Pulley410-12
Upright Rows412-15
Pec Deck Rear-Delt Laterals3-410-12
Alternate Front Raises412-15

Chris Hemsworth’s Cardio Routine:
Apart from doing weight training, Chris’s workout routine includes rounds of cardio boxing on bag, jump rope, boxing on pads, perform HIIT circuits on the stationary bike for 45 minutes. He also is fond of kettle bell routine that consists of three circuits of Kettle bell swings and Kettle bell Cleans.

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Have you stopped gasping, yet? Well we are yet to come out of the shock for the amount of sweat and suppressed pain go in to perform these exhausting workout sessions. Now that you have the God of Thunder, Thor’s workout regimen handy, what’s your excuse to skip the gym today, obviously that also depends on how you want to jazz up fitness level and take your fitness to the next level.

Disclaimer: The content in this article is purely research based and the workouts mentioned in the chart are suggested by Gympik’s expert trainers.



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