When we see the models with their perfectly toned bodies owning the runway with their sexy yet healthy routines we tend to be bit jealous. How can these models look so perfect and have bodies without any trace of fat? Their abs, arms, and legs toned to perfection and their faces glowing of healthy vitamins and minerals. It is a too good to be the true scenario and well, it was the truth.

slay like victoria secret model

We wanted to know what they do? After all, if these Victoria’s Secret models have bodies near to perfection, we too can turn our bodies toned and look fabulous if we follow those diets and workout regimens-STRICTLY! Listed below, is the 6 step Victoria’s secret angel’s fitness routine and it should be followed by all the fitness enthusiasts. Let’s read on to find out the SECRET:

Say NO to stress

Stress is a downright infectious element to good health and mind. And this might be the umpteenth time you are hearing that stress and good health don’t go hand in hand. Hence, the idea is when you want to stay fit you should make it a point to manage your stress effectively. Even better if you can avoid it altogether, though we all know we can’t really shut out the secret hole in our mind that let all tension disperse our mind and grind it to a halt. Still, we can try to minimise it. Your driving force should be vitamins and minerals and not anxiousness, nervousness or panic. That’s what the angels do to look like million dollars.

This Five Letter word can act as your Saviour

The advertisers accomplished their goal by convincing you to buy those anti-aging and under eye creams, promising you a flawless skin and a younger look. But, wait, have you ever considered spending a bit of your time to save those extra expenses. Yes, that’s possible, if you listen to your skin and pay heed to those dark circles surrounding your eyes. Your dull, pallid and barren skin has a story to tell and is not very happy with your decision. Your work overpowered your body’s needs and it made you feel like a zombie. Choose wisely and tone your bodies to feel like an angel walking the ramp for your dreams may come true but, for that, you need to prioritise your SLEEP.

Breathe right, feel light

victoria 300x300 1

The one thing that angels have when they walk the runway is their calm and composed body that follows their commands. There isn’t a trace of wariness in their appearance and if you happen to wonder, how? Here’s the answer. If the cells of your body feel rejuvenated and your body has got enough energy to burn those calories, you can be sure of looking like a dream girl owning a hot body. The key to hotness is simple but requires efforts like yoga and meditation which will help you improve your breathing, which in turn provide oxygen to every cell of your body without any prejudice.

Don’t forget the importance of H2O:

When the soil is barren it needs water to be fertile again, envisage the effect water can leave on you. Imagine, a person complimenting you for your toned body and you feeling dizzy at the same time. That will ruin the situation altogether and will leave you feeling sick and irritable. To avoid the situation, better keep yourself hydrated and have at least two litres of water daily.

The importance of exerting your muscles:

Success never comes the easy way and when your goal is to achieve a body like a model, you need to level up your game. How about burning some calories and working out a bit extra, focusing on the particular parts to get rid of the fat. It will also help you boost your metabolism and thus, those abs will feel much worthy as will the body.

You are what you consume:

victoria 300x300 2

We have comprised a formula of you breaking up with all the processed and unhealthy junks. If you are having a relationship with food, why not decide on a healthy one? Eat healthy, keep yourself full and have at least six meals a day. It will help you shed those extra kilos and maintain a healthy lifestyle. How about incorporating fruits, vegetables and healthy fluids in your diet! Your body will feel good and thank you for your right choices, and the perk you get is–looking a million dollar.

Diet not only comprises of what you eat but, also of what you do. These six rules, if inculcated in your routine will surely make you look like the diva stepping on the runway. We are sure, you have the much needed informative guide and if you follow it with diligence, you can be boasting about your transformation story into a healthy being soon. For more information on health and fitness visit our official website, Gympik.


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