No matter how and in what accent you say the word ‘Volt’, you get to feel an almost electrical energy! So when this Bangalore based fitness-couple, Vinay Lad and Shruti Thakur Lad, decided to open their own fitness club, they couldn’t have chosen a better name. Here’s their high-voltage story!

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What: Volt Fitness Club

What To Watch Out For:

  • World-class equipment
  • Five Star Hotel Like Ambience
  • Certified Trainers
  • Over 10 Types of Activities Under One Roof Guarantees That You Won’t Die of Boredom


Story of Vinay Lad and Shruti Thakur Lad

Sometime in 2016, Vinay Lad and Shruti Thakur Lad, both of whom belong to reputed business families had an epiphany – no one was really offering premium fitness experience in Indiranagar. While discussing the possibilities of starting their own space, they found willing partners in each other and that was the beginning of Volt Fitness Club.

Designed to be a perfect blend of luxury and fitness, this high-intensity fitness club promises to offer you way beyond the regular weights and cardio routine. Featuring classes ranging from High-Intensity Boxing, TRX, Power Yoga, Les Mills, GRIT, CrossFit, Bolly Aerobics, and more, Volt Fitness Club transcends what it promised.

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Not just that, each of their trainers is certified in their respective courses and updated with the latest trends in the fitness industry. Just to give you an example, among their corp of trainers is the renowned fitness influencer, part-time TEDx speaker, and full-time badass, Kez Klein!

As if being trained by someone like Kez Klein wasn’t motivation enough, you should really check out the way they have designed Volt Fitness Club. In Shruti’s own words, “We provide the luxury of a Five Star Hotel in a fitness club!”. If you think this is just a tall claim, we challenge you to walk into Volt Fitness Club and walk out again unimpressed.

Right from the high-quality marble flooring, high-tech locker facilities and the super hygienic interiors, this fitness club takes luxury very seriously – so much so that even the water in the showers is conditioned and softened. They have a rooftop cafeteria on their airy terrace where you can to refuel after an intense workout session. And if you want to relax and rejuvenate, they even have a massage room where you can treat your sore body.

But Don’t let all the bling-bling confuse you because, at the heart of it, Volt Fitness Club is pretty much a traditional gym where over 200 of their members come day after day to grind and chisel their way towards the dream body.

The Future

Because offering over 10 different kinds of classes under one roof wasn’t awesome enough, Volt Fitness Club is also going to be the only official affiliate of CrossFit in Indiranagar very soon – something that the entire team and especially Shruti and Vinay look forward to!

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Meet The Masterminds

Vinay and Shruti are perfectionists and one can see that in the way they have nurtured Volt Fitness Club. Right from getting the best trainers on board to designing a perfect combination of fitness, luxury and technology, both of them have been instrumental in shaping Volt Fitness Club.

Volt Fitness Club
Shruti Thakur Lad

The very aim of Vinay and Shruti in establishing something like Volt Fitness Club was to carve a niche for themselves in Bangalore fitness industry and going by their progress, we are pretty sure they already have made more than a mark! So next time you are in Indiranagar, do drop and check it out…we guarantee you too will be electrified!

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