Change is inevitable and so are the change in trends – be it fashion or fitness. What started off as a sign of luxury for a few in the 80’s is now a necessity in 2018. What was inaccessible to many, is now accessible to everybody. Today’s generation is literally wearing their heart on their sleeve.

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The evolution of trends

It’s amazing how the fitness industry has changed leaps and bounds literally.

Aerobic workouts were once a rage for the svelte Bollywood divas in the 80’s. Then a huge turnaround happened when the nation began following Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 90’s; going crazy following his videos and magazine cut outs. And this millennium, has witnessed the digital boom with apps and trackers that have made their way to get you moving.

We  have seen a 360 degree turn in all that is called Fitness.

The 90’s saw the boom of big franchise gym chains in India which gave rise to fitness as a luxury market. Today, it is the economical studio spaces and “the pay as you go” offer has a great deal of impact on the economic gym set ups. The trend is soon catching up as a major attraction to those who cite time as a major concern. But now this huge fitness rage has withdrawn back to an era where people are more couch laden and track steps only via trackers.

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Trending in fitness

If we rewind over the years, we see that the trend has come a long way with a new concept catching up each day. It’s no longer boring and monotonous or confined to the gym.

Be it Crossfit, Zumba, Tabata, Cardio Bootcamps, Functional training, Yoga, Beach workouts and the works – there is a workout for everyone on the floor.

Personal training has also evolved as a major industry in itself during the millennium. Today, we have coaches at a supreme level with great demand for PT slots and on the other hand we have artificial intelligence catching up as well. Workouts are now on our fingertips.

Fitness trackers and apps these days have given rise to comprehensive programmes that bring people together to connect, train, and achieve results. Workouts can now be done on the move with beach gyms and community centre classes on the rise.

Workplace wellness is growing at a fast pace too. Wellness of employees is a great concern with most MNC’S for greater productivity purposes. Corporate wellness is no longer confined to the office conference halls. Yoga and wellness retreats play an important role for the annual conventions at corporates focusing on health and group workout sessions which are more enjoying and sustainable for personal lifestyle.

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Options and Impacts – an overview

  1. Online platforms providing subscriptions: Impact = Convenience
  2. Group Classes: Impact = Group coaching with feeling of integrity to goals
  3. Wearables enhancing home fitness: Impact= satisfaction
  4. DNA testing for tailor made nutrition and workouts (nascent stage in India): Impact= Customisation.
  5. Social media (Youtube): Impact = Influence and competitive spirit.
  6. Corporate wellness retreats: Impact= greater team productivity and team spirit.

Changing Trends - 4

To conclude: The impact that these trends have left are definitely positive as listed above. From easy wearables to apps tracking your calories and women are now no more confined to the “Ladies time” at the gym. It’s now easy for everyone to pick and choose their workouts at their convenience.

Fitness and wellness is beyond the gym walls and has now evolved to great height.


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