We all know that one guy at the gym who loves to wear that t-shirt with the words, “Do You Even Lift Bro?” emblazoned in bold across their chest. While some of us might find it somewhat facetious, what we don’t know is that the gentleman actually has a point. In fact, here are five benefits of weight training that everyone should be aware of.

Here you go with 5 impressive benefits of weight lifting:

Increases Your Muscle Density: When you lift weights, it causes microscopic tears in your muscle fibres. The process of muscle growth or muscle hypertrophy occurs when your body repairs these microscopic tears. The heavier lift, the more your muscles grow adding bulk and volume. This also means that many of your everyday tasks get easier because your body is now getting stronger, thanks to the new muscle fibres!

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Benefits of Weight Training

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Reduces the Risk of Osteoporosis: Like your muscles, your bones to respond to weight lifting. The more you lift, the more your bones are strengthened to cope with the stress of weightlifting. This in turn, means you are at a lot less risk of suffering from bone related diseases like osteoporosis. In fact, according to American College of Sports Medicine, weight training significantly increases bone mineral density over other exercises.This is also why weight training is especially beneficial for senior members of the society.

Benefits of Weight Training

Helps You Burn More Calories: Weight training helps you gain more lean muscle mass, especially the type II muscle fibres which are responsible for power bursts. Various studies, including one by Boston University, have demonstrated that type II muscle fibres, burn more fat than type I muscle fibres. Not just that, lean muscle mass also significantly increases your resting metabolic rate which means your body will continue to burn calories even after the workout session.

Benefits of Weight Training

Reduces The Chances of Injury: The more you train with weights, the more your body strengthens your muscles, bones and connective tissues. Stronger bones, muscles and other connective tissues basically mean that your body is a lot less risk of getting injured than those who don’t undertake strength training.  It also strengthens your back, shoulders and the core which means that it improves your posture correction and reduces the risk of back pain.

Benefits of Weight Training

Lifts Your Mood And Helps Fight Depression: Weight training, like any other form of workout, releases Endorphin in the body. One of the effect of Endorphin boost in the body includes improved mood while also reducing tension. Endorphin also reduces your body’s perception of pain and therefore effectively act as a natural painkillers.

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Benefits of Weight Training

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While there are many studies which have exposed the numerous benefits of strength training, the sad fact is that the average Indian is still not fully aware of them. For example, the average Indian still continue to believe that the best way to lose weight is to do cardio, despite the fact that studies have shown weight training to be a better alternative. If you know someone like that, share this article with them so that they too can know! Till then, stay fit and stay happy!


  1. I have a question m just 5’ with heavy lower body shall I go for weight lifting for loosing fat around my thighs or simple squats

  2. Hi. Need some guidance here
    height: 5’2″
    for some reason I have lost weight and I am 48 now.
    overall body is fine.
    I have a paunch which I need to get rid of.
    what can I do?any proper diet I should follow?

  3. Hi, i am 5’2″ and my weight is 55kgs.
    I have tummy fat. Overall body is fine.
    On which excercise i should concentrate more to get rid of belly fat quickly.
    Please suggest


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