If you are someone who has undergone a body transformation recently, this article is for you!

First of all, congratulations! Body transformation isn’t easy and just to put what we said into perspective, an old study by Bodybuilding.com showed that only 27% participants of their $100,000 Transformation Challenge were able to reach the finish line! Think about it, 73% of the participants gave up on $100,000 because they didn’t have the resolve required to follow through the challenge!


Now that we have acknowledged your achievement, let us talk about the question that many people are asking after their full body transformation: “How do I retain the same motivation to carry out my fitness journey in the future?”  Well, to get a clearer picture, we asked our in-house fitness experts and finally arrived at an answer. Want to know what it is? Read on!

It’s All About The Company You Keep:

Gympik’s CEO, Amaresh Ojha, who himself underwent a massive body transformation says:

“The biggest influencer in your life is your social circle. Hanging out with people who have the same mindset is the key to retain motivation.”

– Amaresh Ojha, Founder & CEO, Gympik.com

We couldn’t agree more! In fact, according to a study conducted by the scientific journal Nature Communications for every additional 10 minutes spent running by a person, their friends ran for three minutes longer, thus burning more calories. This is exactly why you have to choose your company wisely. Not just this, your company also has a major influence on your lifestyle. For example, if you just hang out with party animals, the likelihood of you going off track is a lot more. Similarly, if you surround yourself with fit minded people you will not only retain your motivation but will probably learn new techniques that will augment your gains.

Set Small Goals Frequently

How To Retain Motivation

After months of herculean hard work, spartan diet and a near-ascetic lifestyle, when you finally achieve your fitness goal the feeling is naturally that of self-satisfaction and pride. Be careful though, lest this vortex of contentment swallow you whole.

The head of Gympik’s content team, Subhra Moitra, who herself underwent a complete body transformation following her marriage, adds, “While you have definitely earned the right to celebrate your success, you should also start thinking about how to take it further and the key is to set small goals everyday or even every week.” Truer words have never been spoken. As a matter of fact, all the experts we have spoken to, agree that the best way to retain motivation and improve oneself even further is through setting, small and smart goals.

For example, if you currently lift 100 kilos, you could set your next target as 110 kilos next week and keep increasing it further. Not only will these small challenges keep you motivated and focused, you will also have achieved a reward much bigger than your initial expectations and who doesn’t love a bonus, right?

Manage Stress Carefully And Smartly

How To Retain Motivation

As someone who has undergone a body transformation, you do not need an introduction to stress. Stress is real! It’s a part of life and the price we must pay to live in this so-called civilized world we have built for ourselves. You can’t get rid of stress fully. Instead, what you can and should do is, find ways to manage it smartly.

Staying focused on your fitness goal definitely helps, given the scientific benefits for your mind and body. But besides working out, you should also seek out the elusive peace of mind. Yoga is an all-time favourite, but you could also try something as simple as catching your favourite movie  with a friend, reading a new book every day or even rewarding yourself with a holiday in one of those serene backwaters that not many have heard of.

It also super important not to be wound up too tightly! It may so happen that circumstances find you not being able to workout or eat right at a stretch for a few days, but that doesn’t mean that your world has come crashing down. It’s just another challenge you have to work around.

Follow A Sustainable Diet Plan

How To Retain Motivation

Your diet has been a formidable ally in your transformation journey. But this is also one of the trickiest and the most difficult tool to master. Why? Because the honest and accurate fact is that no matter how hardcore you are, replacing burgers and pizzas with parfait and boiled chicken is never easy. So how do you stay on track after a successful transformation?

According to Sujetha Shetty, Gympik’s in-house Nutrition Expert who has successfully transformed hundreds of clients, says, “It is always good to follow a diet that is sustainable, focus more on lifestyle modifications rather than rules. Do not punish yourself or restrict too much that your body crave for food and you fall out off the ladder. Enjoy the food that you eat.”  So, eat what you want, but moderate the quantity and where possible, figure out a healthier alternative too.

Seek Newer Challenges

How To Retain Motivation

Some of the people who have gone off track even after a successful body transformation did so because they got bored of going to the same gym and doing the same workouts! What these people and many others do not realise is that going to the gym or doing weight training or cardio day after day, is not the only path to fitness. You could seek out newer challenges for your body every day.

For example, did you know that an intense 45 minutes session of the martial arts, Krav Maga, can burn upto 800 to 900 calories? There are over 100 such martial art forms from around the world that are much more demanding than even the most hardcore HIIT session! The best part is that, most Indian metros today offer martial arts coaching from reputed institutes.

If martial arts isn’t your thing, then how about challenging your body with a 200 KM cycle ride? Or, maybe you would want to try out scuba diving or trekking across India? By discussing all these, what we want to communicate to you is that, start looking beyond gyms in your quest for fitness. Not only will this break the monotony, but in the end, you will feel even more badass than you feel right now!

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Have Someone To Track Your Progress

How To Retain Motivation

In one of the previous points, we had discussed about a scientific study that showed how a positive social circle has a positive impact on your lifestyle. In a similar vein, most experts also feel that holding yourself accountable to a friend is a great way to stay focused.

How? Well, each friends circle has that one person whose sole purpose in life is to be the “mother hen” to the others. Get hold of this person and tell them your goals and milestones you want to achieve. Review your successes and failures. Analyze your strength and weaknesses and then build a strategy to work on them.

In the end, we will acknowledge that just because you have transformed your body doesn’t make you immune to weight gain aka reversal of body transformation and trust us, few things are as painful as attaining a six pack abs, only to go back to a family pack a few months down the line. We hope this article helps you retain the motivation so that you never have to go down the alley of a reverse body transformation ever!


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