It’s the time of the year again when we all start chalking down the resolutions with a boosted soul that aims at striking all of them off the list. Ah, that’s a dream come true, isn’t it? Let’s face the reality and get one thing straight. January might be the beginning of a fresh New Year with amazing opportunities to delve deep into, but not a time that assures you’re sticking to the plan and resolutions you make, unless you make it happen.

As a matter of fact, this fetches most of the gyms the maximum number of yearly and monthly memberships with over-enthusiastic people with overly higher expectations, sadly with lesser patience to continue the overall journey through. Well, fret not! There are thousands like you and me who swear to follow healthy food habits, give up boozing and most terrifying task of the lot – start working out! All sounds pretty much in place till we actually meet ourselves on the eve of New Year, when we need to think of the ways to execute those plans to actions. If you are one of them who always look for the new beginnings and keep the planning list ready but somehow screw up when it comes to acting on them, don’t worry mate, you are not alone! Check out how to strategize the fitness resolutions and stick with it throughout the year.

  1. Maintain a journal

Okay, now that you have your fitness resolutions ready and you are all geared up to embark on the journey, commit your hundred percent to reach there. The better way or rather the effective one to keep yourself motivated is to maintain a journal. Sounds like a pain in the neck, right! It works as an instant motivating factor when you see yourself progressing towards success every day. Remember to keep your goals specific, result oriented, measurable and achievable. Don’t be hard on yourself and push your limits way too far ‘coz it might make you feel depressed and defeated. Buck up and stand strong till you shine like a star!

  1. Make Resolutions Achievable

The resolutions you make shouldn’t be far from your capability of achieving them. Give yourself enough time to start on an enthusiastic note, practice regularly to achieve the comfort level and continue experimenting or raising the bar when your body gets used to the change. There is no room for fantasies when you start thinking strategically and go by the plan you have created for yourself. For example, if you have never been to the gym in your life, attending the HIIT (High intensity Interval Training) session at the first go or lifting heavy weights might be a perfect set up to drive yourself towards discouragement. Raising the bar too high on the outset leads to giving up midway.

  1. Make it look appealing and less intimidating

Planning for a whopping number of push-ups or bench presses, biceps curling, and dead lifting might nip the entire fitness plan in the bud. Breaking down your plans into smaller ones make it look more achievable and less intimidating. When you try to saddle yourself with excruciating workout regimen, your mind gives up first and then your body. So, you can try breaking your workout schedule down from the basic stuff and then gradually adopt high intensity workouts. Sounds good?

  1. Appreciate yourself for Your Achievements

It’s the feeling when you survive an hour long boot camp session, or mastered the technique of a perfect lunge, squat or holding a plank—Yay, you did it! Appreciate your hard work and treat yourself for getting a little closer to your goal. Just remember to treat yourself in a way that will not make your workout go for a toss, rather rejuvenate your mind and soul to make it even better for the next time you hit the grueling workout sessions.

  1. Keep the ‘Interest Quotient’ High

Make your workout interesting so that you hit the gym, have the sweat sesh and still come back the next day to perform even better. If you are planning to hit the gym five days a week, keep your options open for some other sessions or group classes such as Boot camp, Zumba, Power Yoga, Body combat, Pilates, TRX etc. The more variety you add in your workout regimen, the more likely you enjoy your workout without dragging yourself to the drill.

  1. Don’t be too Hard on Yourself

Even the best planned resolutions can fall short if not followed strategically. The initial phase of planning and implementing go enthusiastically but when it gets fagged out, you start losing interest and that is when you find yourself deviating from your workout regimen. Relax, take a deep breath and give a pat on your back for taking the first step towards fitness. These slip-ups are natural and expected too. Success needs a couple of steps stumbling and then walking again with even more enthusiasm. Take your time, hold your head high and walk towards the goal.

  1. Ask for Assistance

If you are the first time gym goer, we empathize with you! We truly do. Those scary looking machines with scarier functions look crazy from a distance! We know how it feels to ask someone about the functions of these machines when you see the rest of the gang is using those gears with usual ease and expertise. Well, do not get bogged down by what others are doing, focus on your goals and how you are planning to get out of the workout. Every gym has their personal trainers and instructors, and they are happy to help you if you are looking to learn how to use a machine.

  1. Buy yourself Some Cool Gym wears

We all like to look good even when we are sweating and huffing in the gym. Spice up your fitness goal with some fashionable and cool outfits, or running shoes, a couple of kickass tees, boxing gloves and such nitty-gritties that inspire you to spruce up your workout. Including these simple things can boost your spirit up and motivate you, give you more confidence and a reason to hit the gym to achieve even more.

  1. Eat right

Eating plays a crucial role when you are following a stringent workout session regularly. They say, “A moment on your lips is a lifetime on your hips” and we can’t agree more when it comes to pick the right choice in terms of food. It is important to nourish your body with the right variety of foods with proper nutrition as they enhance your ability to perform better, consistently. Your food intake and workouts should maintain a synergy to yield better performance level, strength, stamina and overall physical fitness.

  1. Get cool wearables & Apps

It might just look a little overly flaunting stuff when you start your workout session initially, but with time you will realize how tremendously motivating these gadgets are! Think about the girl running next to your treadmill– all dressed up in cool gym wears and wearing a supercool device that tracks the amount of calories burnt, number of steps taken, hours of sound sleep etc. You can download some kickass fitness apps and track your daily workout and progress.

We all are humans— we slip, fall, but at the end of the day what matters is how we get up and start again! How many of us decide to go for yearly gym subscriptions only to realize that we can’t survive the crucial drill on a daily basis? Well, we all screw up at least once in our lives at far as fitness is concerned. But, this twenty seventeen, we want you to give it a shot and see your desire for fitness win. So, guys, step up and go ahead—seamless balance is absolutely exciting than dreadfully monotonous practices. All the best!


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