There is no denying that squats are the best bet for strong legs and a booty to die for, which is why most of us are squatting diligently and, some, religiously even. But if all the hours spent squatting is not showing any results, it is probably because you are doing it wrong. So, before you get on with your next rep, read on to make sure you are not making any of the following common and crucial squatting mistakes.


Duck Squatting

Duck squatting is basically squatting with your feet pointed out at an angle of more than 15°. This makes your ankles and heels very vulnerable and prone to injury. Imagine trying to run or jump with your feet pointed outwards. The same risks of injury apply to squatting too.

Knees Falling In

If your knees fall in towards each other while squatting, it means you are putting too much pressure on your knees which may result in ligament tear and other injuries.Practice placing a resistance band just below your knees, with feet set hip-width apart. Take a step sideways to the right as far as you can, then bring your left foot toward your right to get back into starting position. Reverse and repeat for about 20-30 reps.

Not Going Low Enough

If you’re not going down low enough till your thigh bone is parallel to the floor, you are not engaging the primary muscle groups here: the hamstrings and the glutes, in which case, you are not going to see the effectiveness of your exercise no matter how long you squat.

Arching Your Back

Your back is already naturally arched with a slight ‘S’ shape to it. If you do not have proper lower back strength, you will tend to arch your back even more. This will put undue pressure on your lower back and increase the chances of injury.Keep your spine in a neutral position, with your arms stretched out in front for balance and engage your abs to support your back.

Not Lifting Enough

Most women tend to think that the heavier the hand weights are, the bulkier their legs will be. Au contraire, ladies! Squatting with low weights will neither help tone your legs nor add any ‘oomph’ factor to your squats. Also, the heavier lifting you do, the more calories you burn!

Not Adding Variations

The squat is one of the most versatile exercises ever. So do not hesitate to add little variations to it and make the most of every movement you make. Little tweaks here and there are all that’s needed to make the squat one of the best compound workouts!

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