Strength is not just physical but also mental. But as they say, a healthy mind resides in a healthy body; similarly, a strong mind resides in a strong body. Strength is important in more than one ways, it is the basis of everyday activities, be it lifting something heavy or owning a hot and sexy body. It is the way to live a happier, smarter and satisfied life.

Strength training acts as your saviour when you want to lose weight, burn fat, build lean muscle mass or burn calories. For all the above activities, you need to work out and to carry out those workouts, you need strength. It is the way to improve your overall health and quality of life.

Why Strength Training

As you age, your lean muscle mass diminishes and your body increases the percentage of fat, if you don’t do anything to replace the lost lean muscles. Strength training helps you to preserve and increase your muscle mass. It also helps you in various ways like:

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1) Stronger bones lead to a stronger you: When you exert stress on your bones, it increases your bone density which in turn strengthens your bones and reduces the risk of osteoporosis.

2) Combat weight issues: Strength training assists you to lose weight faster as it increases your metabolism and thus, helps you burn more calories.

3) Improves your quality of life: The increase in muscular strength increases your ability to perform better as you feel healthier and lets you stay independent even when you are old.

4) A step towards a healthier life: Strength training decreases the chances of arthritis, obesity, heart disease, back pain, diabetes, and depression.

5) Feel better, look better: When you lose weight and lose all the extra fat, it makes you look your best. A fitter, smarter and healthier body also provides a boost in confidence. Also, it makes you free from stress, anxiety, depression, improves your mood.

How to Strength train yourself

Once you know why the next big step is to know how. Also, how to strength train yourself is important as, if you don’t do an informed workout, the results may not appear:

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1) Know the best: Dead-lifts, shoulder press, squats and bench press are some of the best strength training exercises. Include them in your exercise regimen and experience the increase in your strength and enjoy its benefits.

2) Simplicity is the key: Don’t stress to lift heavy weights in the beginning. Start slow, focus on the right techniques and do the sets in a controlled manner. As long as you progress towards heavier weights you are doing it right.

3) Don’t overdo: If you exaggerate the exercises and over stress your body, you may not see results. Rest is important to rejuvenate and recover your muscles.

4) The importance of Cardio: Cardio exercises are important between strength training, but if done for long intervals, it increases the hormonal level which breaks down the muscle tissues. Thus, if your goal is to get stronger and leaner, you should inculcate short, intense cardio workouts in between your strength training to experience better results.

5) Do it the right way: To avoid any kind of muscle imbalance and injuries, you should follow a balanced workout routine. Like, chest exercises should be followed by back-training lifts to maintain the balance. It is not necessary to do balance exercises in the same session, it can be done in the same week. For example, Monday can be dedicated to bench-press while chin-ups can be done on Tuesday.

Also, know that strength training is an intense workout form which requires you to use your muscles. Thus, if you are having medical conditions or age above 40, you should consult your doctor before starting your strength training session.

Life is better when you are strong and healthy. Try working your heart out and see your health transform with strength training. To put on the best in you, try giving the best of you. When presented with a choice between strength and comfort; choose strength as life is tough and so should be you. For more information on health and fitness visit us at, Gympik.


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