It’s not always what you do, sometimes your performance between the sheets, is ensured by what you eat too! You heard that right! Poor eating habits could diminish your otherwise what could be an amazing experience, whereas healthy eating habits could prove to be the most effective options if you wish to take your love life to the next level by giving that gentle nudge and make your showtime ignitable and more exciting. 

As Shakespeare said,

“Cupid is a knavish lad, thus to make poor mortals mad”

Cupid’s arrow doesn’t always target your heart, sometimes it hints the perfect food that creates the optimum bliss point for you to derive the moments of ultimate peace and beauty. The food here we are talking about is related to edible aphrodisiacs that get huge commendations in ancient mythologies. Aphrodisiacs is derived from the name of the Greek goddess of love, beauty, and sexual ecstasy, Aphrodite, and the mother of Cupid. So, here is the deal!

We don’t advocate popping pill until it is the only option you are left with. We also believe that a healthy diet, or in this case, regular consumption of foods that have high nutritional content and that are known for bringing positive changes in one’s sexual performances, can swirl your otherwise ho-hum bedroom mood to an ecstatic and buoyant event to remember.

10+ Super Foods that can Boost Sex Drive if incorporated daily

1. Peaches

peaches to boost sex drive and increase stamina

The powerhouse of Vitamin C, peach is considered as one of the fruits that helps increasing sperm production in men. Study says that men who consume inadequate amount of Vitamin C are prone to produce lower-quality sperm, helps increasing libido in women and increase female sex drive.

2. Spinach

spinach to boost sex drive and increase stamina

The rich magnesium content in Spinach reduces inflammation in blood vessels, improves blood flow in your body, which in turn help you intensify the state of arousal and gives faster orgasm in women and faster and natural erection in men.

3. Pepper

chili pepper to boost sex drive and increase stamina

These small little hotties have much in store that meets the eyes. They spike up metabolism and stimulate endorphin levels and improve blood flow. And that heads to a better finale between the sheets.

4. Strawberries

strawbery to boost sex drive and increase stamina

Strawberries are as sexy and beneficial as they look. They are the little pop-in-the-mouth fruits that improve blood circulation which is crucial for pleasurable sex. Moreover, these are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C that help increasing sperm count in men, keeps your heart and arteries healthy. To increase the goodness, try dipping these little red wonders in dark chocolate.

5. Avocados

avacado to boost sex drive and increase stamina

Great sex needs profound energy and healthy libido. Avocados are rich in potassium, vitamin E, vitamin B6, and contain monounsaturated fats that improve heart functioning and lower cholesterol level. These are the essential components to keep your heart healthy and promote healthier blood flow, which means you get better energy and an intense sex drive.

6. Almonds

almonds to boost sex drive and increase stamina

Almonds are rich sources of protein, sodium, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin B, magnesium, iron, copper, phosphorus, and omega-3 fatty acids, selenium, zinc, essential minerals that are crucial for healthy and long-lasting sex drive. Zinc acts as a libido booster and selenium aids infertility issues. Zinc is a mineral that helps produce men’s sex hormones and can boost libido.

7. Sweet potatoes

sweet potatoes to boost sex drive and increase stamina

This seemingly innocent veggie is a powerhouse of nutrients that are required to enrich your sexual prowess. Rich in potassium, beta-carotene, and vitamin A, sweet potatoes are that food which cures your high blood pressure, erectile dysfunction, and infertility.

8. Watermelon

watermelon to boost sex drive and increase stamina

You can’t possibly miss this wonder-fruit if you are planning to rev up your sex drive. This juicy fruit contains phytonutrient citrulline and this converts to an amino acid called arginine which is known for relaxing blood vessels. Watermelon helps improve blood flow to male and female genital tissues that help boosting libido.

9. Saffron

kesar to boost sex drive and increase stamina

Saffron has high aphrodisiac properties that are beneficial for both men and women to boost sex drive. Its power to take one to the state of sexual euphoria dates back to ancient times when people used this spice as an impeccable ingredient to increase sexual desire and arousal.  It contains antioxidants such as safranal, crocetin, and crocin. It improves blood flow to the sexual organs thus heightens libido.

10. Broccoli

brocoli to boost sex drive and increase stamina

These green little Broccoli can help you last longer in bedroom performances as they have amazing benefits when it comes to enhance your libido. You can just have them raw, cooked or sautéed, or just toss them in your regular salad. These are rich sources of vitamin C that improves blood circulation and results in better orgasms, essential vitamins and minerals, potassium, dietary fiber, and calcium.

11. Cloves

cloves to boost sex drive and increase stamina

The health benefits of cloves, especially when it comes to sexual dysfunctions, dates back to ancient India when these were considered as an integral part of Ayurveda treatments for erectile disorders in men. This power ingredient help in increasing sexual arousal and activity.

12. Figs

figs to boost sex drive and increase stamina

Wanna bring back the charm and naughtiness between the sheets? There’s a sweet and simple food that manifolds the possibilities of stimulating your libido, improving sexual activity, fertility, improves the secretion of pheromones. Pop some figs before you plan to turn up the heat and see the intensity it can bring in your performance.

13. Dark Chocolate

choci to boost sex drive and increase stamina

Eating dark chocolate and letting it melt all your way through your mouth might set you in a state of ecstasy. It is known for triggering sensual mood that secretes the chemicals needed for amazing sexual drive. The flavinols and arginine present in dark chocolate that work like Viagra. It’s known to be a mood booster and by increasing the dopamine and serotonin levels in the brain, losers stress, and induces happiness. Cocoa improves blood flow in the body.

If you have made it till here, you have the keys to unfold umpteen possibilities of making your time with your partner more interesting. So, now that you know how to bring back the charm and make your nights more of a series of rekindling affairs to cherish for lifetime, take some effort to change your diet and nosh on these wondrous and tempting foods to see the progress for yourself!  




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