treadmillWe’ve discussed earlier on the incredible positive effects that workout with a treadmill can have on your health. There are safety guidelines to follow while you work out on a treadmill, and these safety guidelines can be met only by making a right choice of purchasing a good and safe treadmill. Whether you are a fitness trainer in a gym, or just plan to have a treadmill at home to save time going to gym, this article will focus on the points that you could probably consider before investing on a treadmill.

We shall focus only on 5 key points to consider in this post. There could be many more that can be explored under the guidance of an expert personal trainer.

Research the market and define your fitness goals

Before doing a market research it’s essential to define your fitness goals. Ask yourself questions as to why you want a treadmill? Will it be used by considerable number of people? What amount of time will it be used for? What purpose will it be mostly used for (such as running, jogging, walking or cardio vascular workouts)? Once you decide on your fitness goal and the purpose of buying one, then do an online research or speak to people who’ve actually purchased a treadmill. Perform a study of reputed fitness retailers and dealers in your area. Purchase from someone who you can get back to, in terms of service and maintenance in case of any issues with the equipment. Go to the shop personally and view the various models of treadmill. Test the treadmill before you buy. 15-20 minutes of initial testing will help you evaluate the features of the treadmill, and help you decide whether it really suites your goal.

Treadmill features

Treadmill should be stable and people should be able to walk or run effortlessly on a treadmill without any jerk. The belt size should be just right to accommodate your leg size. You may want to look for a feature on adjustable speed, proper digital screen display including a pulse monitor and a provision to program your workout with standard settings. Treadmills come in different sizes with an option of folding for storage. Your initial research on the space and the room you want your treadmill to be placed will help you decide on the size of the treadmill you want to purchase. You may want to consider the handle design, whether they are comfortable to hold and rest your palms on. Some treadmills make a loud noise when used, hence this could one of the factors you may consider as a not to have feature while deciding to buy one. Some other electronic features like quick start functions, heart monitor, appropriate console, customizable user ID option and a provision to store past workouts would be something you may go for, if you plan to have a professional fitness center or keen to evaluate the benefits of treadmill work out on your health. An adequate motor with a cooling mechanism could be helpful to guarantee a long life span to your treadmill and minimal servicing required.

Treadmill Safety

You would not want to buy an accident prone equipment after all. Consider about the safety of the handgrips and the emergency shut off switch if these are easily accessible. The treadmill should be able to absorb shock and avoid injury to the joints or muscles. The stability and smoothness of the treadmill should be considered as well. The treadmill should be safe and steady to walk on, rather than being shaky and unsteady such that you feel uncomfortable to work on.

Treadmill maintenance

Make sure that the treadmill you plan to purchase requires minimal maintenance, so that you don’t end up spending time on maintaining your treadmill after every single workout. The electronics and motor part of the treadmill are very important and require some sort of servicing and maintenance after a certain period of time. Discuss about this with your vendor and get matters on maintenance and services sorted out before you buy.

Treadmill budget

Not to deny that this being a one-time investment you would want to go in for one that is worth enjoying and provides you with the appropriate health benefits. At least you wouldn’t want to invest on a treadmill every couple of years. Treadmills with fancier features may be expensive, however first consider the important features such as safety, size and design aspect.

There are many in the market. Market research, expert guidance from your personal trainer and your due diligence will help you invest wisely.


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