dog-posePower yoga, a highly dynamic, fitness-based derivative of yoga, is modeled on Ashtanga yoga. It is a western term to describe a series of vigorous postures with an emphasis on strength and flexibility. However, unlike traditional yoga which encourages slow movements from pose to pose, power yoga is a tough workout intended to help participants work up a serious sweat. If you’ve been wondering about whether power yoga is the right choice for you, or not, look no further.

And what’s more, with new yoga centers cropping up in every Indian metro today, it is no longer restricted within the realm of the rich and famous. Power yoga is fast becoming an increasingly budget-friendly and viable fitness option for all of us.

The great thing about Power yoga is that it is aimed at everyone, no matter the age, strength, and flexibility. A whole range of workouts are available for beginners to faster-paced, more advanced workouts. There is no set sequence and classes will vary according to the teacher but be sure to expect a 45 minute, fast-paced class of classic moves including the dog pose, camel pose, and warrior pose.

And, although this particular form of yoga is focused on body fitness, many of those who have tried it have found it to also be very calming. So it’s a great workout for those of you with a frantic lifestyle. If you are looking for both a physical and mental workout, this is the one you’re looking for.

Physical benefits of Power Yoga

Power yoga increases flexibility, strength, stamina, and tone. But it tones your body without stressing your joints and muscles too much, which might be a plus point for older people. Moreover, since the asanas target the spine, power yoga helps maintain proper posture while strengthening your back.

Toxins are flushed from the body through sweat. The asanas you do increase the drainage of ‘lymph’, a viscous fluid rich in immune cells which helps fight infections, destroy cancerous cells, and dispose bodily toxins. Blood circulation is promoted and the immune system is boosted.

Finally, Power yoga promotes weight loss. An hour of Power yoga burns approximately 200 calories, besides which it also builds lean muscle mass which raises your Basal Metabolic Rate, i.e., burn more calories even when you’re resting!

Mental benefits of Power Yoga

Power yoga improves self-esteem and confidence. One study found that women who did Power yoga regularly rated their body satisfaction 20% higher than those how took aerobics, even though both groups were at a healthy weight.

GABA is a brain chemical in which low levels are linked to depression. Practising Power yoga increases GABA level by 27%, compared to a group of people who read quietly, thereby improving the mood and lowering the risk of depression.

camel-poseEvery power yoga asana involves concentrating on your breathing and the part of the body that is being worked upon, improving your focus which in turn lowers your stress levels. It also helps you get a deeper, more restorative sleep, even though you are getting the same amount of it.

So are you ready to go to your first Power yoga class? Find yoga centres in your area through and train under certified yoga instructors. You can even get an expert yoga instructor come to your place for personal training. Some of the best centres that offer yoga classes in Pune are Niramay Yogchikitsa Center in Karve Nagar, Brahma Kumaris Yoga Center in Mundhwa, and Bhakti Pranayam & Yoga Center in Baner.


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