Right when you’re busy taking your selfie of #ootd or clicking your aesthetically pleasing bowl of salad, there’s a niche category of Yogis on Instagram slaying the feed with some mesmerizing yoga postures. While we have our jaw dropped looking at the feed of these top yoga influencers, we urge you to do the same. Whether you’re looking for an inspiration or you just want to treat your eyes to some flexible goodness, we have curated a list of #YogisOfInstagram for you!

“3, 2, 1… Riyaaaz!”

Scroll down to glimpse the glory of Instagram Yogis

Natasha Noel ( @natashanoel001 )

A dancer by heart, passionate photographer and a yoga practitioner, Natasha Noel writes and shares about her yoga experiences on Instagram and her blog – Soulful Happiness. Natasha also loves doing body weight training (breaking stereotype, much?). Completely indulged in the world of philosophy, Natasha believes, “Your mental stability is your priority, everything else is immaterial.”

Natasha Noel


Radhika Bose ( @yogasini )

A youtuber and a fashion influencer, Radhika has been setting the bars high when it comes to yoga. Radhika is a fitness enthusiast and she’s been practicing yoga since last 10 years. She believes, “We criticize ourselves so much that we forget to love ourselves, and if we don’t love ourselves, how can we expect others to love us?” Her feed will not only inspire you to become a yogi but also give you a major wanderlust. So pack your bags along with your yoga mat while you stalk her feed.

Radhika Bose

Deepika Mehta ( @deepikamehtayoga )

Deepika is an inspiration to people who ever went through a major physical crisis. Deepika faced a deathly rock climbing accident in 1997, given up by doctors, Deepika was said that she will never be able to walk again. Empowering herself with the ancient techniques of Yoga, Deepika traveled to different parts of the world and nurtured advance yoga skills under known yoga professionals. She was invited for a Ted Talk in NYC, got featured in publications like Vogue and Elle, she also had her own show called ‘The Biggest Loser’. If you too wish to bring a change in your body and make a difference, her feed could be a good inspiration.

Deepika Mehta

Martina Rando ( @martina_rando )

If you’re struggling to that master that yoga posture, let Martina show you the correct way. An accredited Yoga teacher, youtuber and an influencer from Milan, Martina has been inspiring people globally with her engaging yoga content on Instagram and Youtube. Her everyday post teaches people the best way to practice yoga, the correct postures, basically a go-to guide for yoga beginners! If you’re a bookworm with a knack for yoga, check out Martina’s book named  “Smart Yoga Book”.

Martina Rando

Chelsea ( @chelseasyoga )

The author of the book “Rising Up Stronger”, Chelsea is based in Seattle and enjoys her exciting profession of a traveling yoga instructor. With a passion for sharing yoga with the world, Chelsea keeps going on an enthralling voyage with a group of yoga enthusiasts. You should totally check out her feeds to get some serious travel and yoga motivation. She believes that, “Nobody can live your life for you, but you only have one- so pull up the anchor and grit your teeth and take the leap into whatever you’ve been dreaming of!”


Nidhi Mohan Kamal ( @nidhimohankamal )

A desi nutritionist, one glance at her Instagram feed and you’ll be inspired to appreciate the Indian in you in a most contemporary way possible. Nidhi owns a chain of weight loss clinics called ‘NidSun Wellness’. Specialized in sports and nutrition, Nidhi’s journey since past 13 years  tells an interesting story of inspiring people online and changing lives of people with her specially curated diet plans.

Ishwari Patil ( @_ishwari_ )

A 23 years old Yoga expert from Mumbai, Ishwari is putting all millennials to shame with her fit lifestyle. Not just that, she also provides diet and exercises consultation to other fitness junkies. Ishwari believes that “Yoga is the dance of every cell within the music of every breath that creates inner serenity and harmony.” Need some more fit lifestyle gyan? Here is your destination.

Ishwari Patil

Ajay Tokas ( @ajaytokas )

An authorized Ashtanga Yoga Teacher, Ajay started practicing yoga in 2004. He has been sharing his yoga skills wide and far, from Delhi to Siberia. A literal philosophical at heart, Ajay nurtured himself under the guidance of best of yoga masters all over the world. Ajay believes that with a disciplined yoga practice, one can open to doors to self-realization.

Ajay Tokas

Martina Sergi ( @martina_sergi )

A life enthusiast, traveler and a Yoga teacher from Milan, her Instagram feed is for everyone who’s into pastel and blissful aesthetics. Bonus if you’re into fitness and nutrition. Martina started her fitness journey in 2015 and mastered the art of Power yoga in 2018. She’s been doing a master class and workshops all over the world, as her motto is  to make the art of yoga accessible to everyone. Check her feed for a guide on how to achieve perfect yoga postures.

Martina Sergi

Kevin Hofer ( @kevindhofer )

An author of the book “A Book of Yoga Diagram”, Kevin is a nomadic traveler, photographer, and a yoga practitioner . Based in Seattle, Kevin never took classes to learn the art of body movements, he took the online way and inspiration from various practitioners on Instagram. Kevin believes that the information and inspiration are limitless these days, all you have to do is find your interest and never stop learning.

Kevin Hofer

Hope you find the much needed inspiration from these yogis.

Breathe in, Breathe out, Breathe in…

Follow the feeds and let your chakras align.


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