In the pursuit of good health, we often ignore our mental health which goes hand in hand with physical health. The picture of life changes, it changes its colour with time— we see it in different perspectives at different stages of our life. Well, to sum it all, life is not a bed of roses, sometimes it’s elusive journey that has many bumps to test our balance, both—mental and physical. The winner is announced based on how one deals with each problem, stand strong in front of every situation that life throws at us and emerge as a courageous soul! And that’s when the importance of mental wellness comes into the picture, to help us deal the roller coaster ride with brevity, head held high and brains in the right place to fight and live every bit of the moment we call everyday life.

Why Mental wellness is important?

We live in a country where depression is one of the most underrated and overlooked illness that is often ignored because of the fear of being misunderstood by most of the people. We can’t quash the fact that we all encounter some sort of mental disturbances at some point of time in life when we feel bewildered, confused, deep sorrow and lost. The intensity of these situations is such that we hardly can nullify the importance of mental wellness among children, young groups and adults. Yes, there is no age to be a victim of depression and heart quenching void. There are various ways to improve your mental wellness depending on the severity, counselling or psychological consultation being one of them.

Here is why Mental Wellness is important

Healthy Life

healthy life

A happy and healthy mind seldom fall prey to unhealthy eating habits, smoking, and drinking that take a toll on health. When you prioritize your health, you stave away all that can bring harm to your body and invite any sort of malice to your health.  

Emotions under control

emotionunder cntrl

When you understand your emotions, and control them, you master the art of making your mind your pal. Emotional balance is the key to cope with every situation in life like a boss and become a stronger person. It’s our mental wellness that determines the way we interact with people in effective ways.

Spread happiness


A happy person spreads happiness, love and positivity. Similarly, a mentally healthy parent raises a positive and happy child. A positive outlook to mental health not only prepares a child to face the world with utmost confidence and receptivity in the growing years, but also helps him realize his worth as a responsible person.  

Give Hope


There is nothing more precious than a wide smile on a face who hasn’t felt like showing it to the world from within for ages. Your mental wellness is the reason why people like your company, your positivism, laugh at your jokes and feel good to have you in their lives. You realize that delivering happiness is a bliss only when you have so much to offer.

Increase Positivity


An immaculate positive character oozes out positivity to whoever s/he meets. Have you ever felt that the presence of someone has just changed the ambiance for better, how his or her smiling face with immense positivity make others get driven towards them, their clarity about life makes you believe not everything is lost yet! Such is the attraction of positivism that none can ignore.

Better relationships

betterr realationshp

When you know how to control your emotions, thoughts and manage them better, you handle your relationships better. Respecting your loved ones, showing the affection and love they deserve, knowing where to stop when things don’t go the way you expect them to be are things that keep the essence of any relationship intact or rather beautify them even more.

Build better community


A healthy mind is more focused, more concerned about others, compassionate, and kind to others. People crave for kindness more than they crave for food. We need more of these people than anything else to make a better community that fights for money, caste, position, race and what not!

Increase productivity, conscience and creativity


Higher levels of mental health are associated with improved creativity, productivity, and conscience. When one can achieve the inner peace, the brain concentrates even more and strives to perform better every time.

Follow Dreams


When your directions are crystal clear, when your thought is not burdened with confusion, lack of enthusiasm and passion, you get to choose the right career path that drives you towards the pinnacle of success. You can focus more on your learning and growth when your mind is clear and free of any doubts.

Love yourself

lv urself blog 1

A free and unobstructed mind understands the priorities right. You realize that loving yourself is not selfishness, but an act that enriches your soul and helps you spread the love to others. The connection between your mind and body is stronger than you think and works as a catalyst that boosts your self-esteem.

We are mortals and cannot stay away from our emotions but we can control them only when our minds are decluttered and prudent. Hence, it is important to focus on your mental wellness. Let us know if you find this article helpful and don’t forget to share your inputs. Till then, stay fit, stay healthy!


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  2. I do agree that understanding and having an awareness of your emotions is a good way to manage your mental health. By creating this balance, you create a good tool to cope with life. This is something that I want to achieve in life especially now that anxiety and depression have been very common. I think I might do a little self-help check and read a book about strengthening my emotional self.


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