We are used to attributing good physiques to ‘lucky’ genes! But ask anybody with the body frame you admire so much and they’ll tell you that it takes more than just blessed DNA for them to get into the shape they’re in. True, genes contribute but even those born with a sexy figure and an envious body frame have to work for it to be maintained. Of all the means to achieve fitness, healthy lifestyle choices tops the list. Let’s take a sneak peek into the healthy habits that will help you get astoundingly fit with just a tweak or two here and there in your daily lifestyle!

Good Morning, H2O!

Habits of Fit Minded People

Drinking water as soon as you wake up, cleanses your digestive tract and helps prepare it for the day. To ensure you don’t forget, keeping a tall glass of water on your nightstand goes a long way into driving this habit home. Water breaks in between meals throughout the day also helps control the otherwise overpowering urge to binge on unhealthy snacks. Clean, beautiful skin, and lustrous hair are some of the added perks!

Green Is The New Black

Habits of Fit Minded People

It’s time to replace your morning cup of black coffee with that of green tea. It speeds up body’s metabolism and improves your mood. The super nutrient epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) found exclusively in green tea breaks down fat and prevent formation of new fat cells. Studies also show that body absorbs nutrients from green tea better at least 4 hours after the last meal, making breakfast the best time to drink it.

Add Colour, Not Calories

Habits of Fit Minded People

A vibrant plate of green, red, and yellow veggies not only looks inviting but also ensures you get all the required nutrients from a single meal which you require to fuel your workouts, ensure better muscle recovery, and promote weight loss. If you’re worried and unsure about calorie intake, check out this article to get an idea about how many or how few you’re consuming on a daily basis.

Walk It Out!

Habits of Fit Minded People

Slip out for a while from your cubicle after lunch and walk around the block. Walk off those calories and get the much needed sunshine vitamin in the process, which does wonders for your mood and immunity. Besides, vitamin D helps strengthen your bones, the walk will give you a break from sitting the whole day, and the improved mood and heightened immunity will keep you motivated to making this a daily routine.

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Planning Is Key

Habits of Fit Minded People

Do you suppose fitness buffs work out only when they feel like and still own drool-worthy bodies? Be assured that their six-pack abs and sculpted looks are results of planned workout schedules. Laziness kicks in once in a while but a proper workout regimen helps motivate you not to fall off the wagon. Signing up for a fitness class or sessions with a trainer is an effective way of compelling you to stick to your fitness goals till it becomes hardened into a habit.

Birds of a Feather

Habits of Fit Minded People

Surrounding yourself with fit buddies help motivate you and prevent you from derailing off the fitness track. Besides, fitness is not confined to the gym alone, so don’t park yourself there. Go shoot some hoops, play fast-paced football, go swimming, or even get together for a weekend trek. Your body needs the outside air just as much as it needs the working on its fibers and tissues.

Press Pause

Habits of Fit Minded People

Overdoing it to the point of being unproductive is possible even with the most seasoned of fitness buffs. Knowing when to stop to allow the body to recover is crucial. Growth is maximized while your body is at rest, so don’t hesitate to take at least a day off each week from working out and make sure you get proper sleep. Therefore, cut down on the late night TV shows and take a nap instead! Living a healthier lifestyle means prioritizing sleep over midnight reruns and cheesy snacks!

And Listen

Habits of Fit Minded People

Everyone’s body functions differently. In fitness, one size doesn’t fit all. Being in tune with your own body’s needs and understanding its limits are essential when it comes to achieving the best fitness regimen suited to your body type. Fit-minded people are well in sync with their bodies’ capabilities and limitations, and can interpret their body’s actual needs. Hence, knowing your body can help you perform the right action for betterment.

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Healthy snacking, home-cooked food, avoiding stress eating, eating healthy fats – there are numerous other healthy habits you should start warming up to. Achieving a number on the scale is not the end of the road. Short-term goals need to be replaced by a single, solid, long-term vision that can only be realized by inculcating these daily healthy choices-turned-habits. The only secret recipe behind a great body apart from healthy habits is an unshakable resolution and a strong determined soul!


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