After Dangal, everybody including those who had no idea about women’s wrestling champions, came to know about the Phogat sisters. And after Geeta and Babita, Ritu was next in line. Ritu Phogat is the third eldest among the Phogat sisters and this 22 year old is game on bagging a gold in the 2020 Olympics. She has won 2 consecutive titles at the annual National Wrestling Championships, a gold at the Commonwealth Wrestling Championship, a silver in the World under 23 Wrestling Championship all in the 48 Kg category.Ritu won a gold

She has so many merits to her name but she aspires to achieve so much more, even then. But this post isn’t really about what she’s achieved. This is about how she made it till here- her workout, diet and dedication. So get ready, for we are going to walk you through, what we believe, is the workout regimen and diet of Ritu Phogat.

The fierce wrestler, that she is, when she enters the ring, will need her to put in loads of hard work prior to her matches. She is determined and definitely dedicated to win it! And here’s her super rigorous training program.

Ritu Phogat in action


Up as early as 4 in the morning, she trains for a good 3 hours during the day and is still not done until she has put in another 3 hours of training in the evening. So what does her regimen look like, you might wonder. It’s a mix of cardio, HIIT in combination with weight training and of course, it goes without saying, improving her wrestling form.


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Skipping and Running. She skips like crazy and also does a lot of running. It helps her improve her stamina and build her strength. For wrestling like that, she would also need a lot of speed and agility which these cardio workouts provide her with.


HIIT, high intensity interval training, is by far a very popular and also common workout form that most athletes and sports persons adopt. And it goes without saying that it’s because of the numerous benefits it has to offer. It builds your endurance to amazingly high levels. But we are guessing it’s because of the kick-ass challenging thirst to achieve more that keeps this form so close to Ritu. Burpees and variations like step up burpees with cleans and dead lifts are mainly included in the series.

Weight Training:

For her strong arms she needs to strengthen, tone and condition her muscles. Apart from HIIT and Cardio, Ritu lifts like a boss and mind you, it’s heavy weights that we are talking about. Weighted squats, cleans and deadlifts are among  her favourites. A body like hers needs strengthening, toning, and maintaining those muscles to rip the contender off, and that cannot be done without solid weight training. Weight training strengthens your muscles, burns fat, and improves stamina which are all major requirements for wrestling.

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Ritu’s diet:

A healthy diet is a must to fuel her for energy, stamina, and strength. Here is what she follows to keep her strength and stamina intact.

MorningJuices and Almond shake.
Breakfast – 1 cup of fruits, 1 cup of vegetable salad, sprouted grains, raisins, 1 glass of milk and soybeans. On a cheat day, she likes indulging in Aloo Parathas with curd and sprouted salad.
Lunch – A bowl of salad, Chicken, Pulses (dal), Vegetables, Rotis and Curd.
Evening Snack – One glass of milk with a bowl of fresh fruits.
Dinner – A bowl of salad, Chicken, Pulses (dal), Vegetable Curry, and Rotis.
Bedtime – One glass of milk.

Pre workout Snack – Seasonal fruits and milk.
Post workout Snack – Soy protein, fruits and water.

So that’s Ritu Phogat’s workout and diet for you, folks! We hope you get the motivation to push yourself a tad bit more to become a new fitter you soon. If you think you know someone who might need this kind of training then don’t forget to like and share with them. Let us  know your thoughts in the comments section below. And train hard, you’ll get there. Happy workout to you, guys!

Disclaimer: The content in this article is purely research based and the workouts mentioned in the chart are suggested by Gympik’s expert trainers.

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