When it comes to weight training, there has always been a gender split. In fact, there is still a lot of speculation over whether women should be indulging in weight training and strength training at all. So, why are women not incorporating strength training into their exercise regimen and what benefits could one they get from it? We asked some of the trainers from Power World Gyms this question and this is what we found out.

Why Women Refrain From Weight Training?

The one common refrain that every Power World trainer has heard from the women customers is that they fear weight training will bulk them up. In fact, as the Power World trainers tell us, this is just a myth. The fact is that unlike men, most women do not have enough testosterone to ‘bulk up’.  The only exceptions to this may be the women bodybuilders who have a special diet and years and years of practice aimed specifically at bulking up!  

The trainers also tell us that a lot of women avoid strength training believing that just doing regular cardio will help them lose weight. This again is a myth as weight training actually helps burn more calories. In fact, according to the certified trainers at Power World Gyms, here’s a list of benefits that women stand to gain if they take up weight training.

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The Benefits of Weight Training

Weight training torches more calories

The minute you start toning and building your muscles, the higher your metabolism will be, even when your body is in rest mode.

Gives your confidence a boost

Weight training, unlike cardio, tightens muscles and shapes up your body. A well-toned body can boost the confidence. A tighter and a toned body is a great way of firing up self-esteem.

Boosts cardio performance

Stronger muscles help in blasting past the plateaus during a cardio workout which results in faster weight loss.

Strengthens the bones

Repetitive lifting is an excellent way of building bone density and fighting osteoporosis.

Reduces risk of injury

Weight training helps strengthen the tendons and increases the flexibility of ligaments. This decreases the chances of injury due to strains. Stronger muscles also make a person agile and help in preventing injuries.

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As we have seen, weight training has some amazing benefits to offer and yet sadly many women still remain blissfully unaware of these facts. Thanks to the Power World trainers, we have now been able to bring out the benefits to the world and hopefully, this will inspire more women to take up weight training. If you have more questions, we suggest you walk into the nearest Power World centre and ask their super helpful trainers themselves. While you are at it, do feel free to avail a free two-day trial at the Power World Gyms!

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