There have been constant and numerous discussions on which meal in a day should be the largest? And there are endless researches that say different stuff making it super difficult to know which to believe. So here we are again to draw the curtains and present you the truth!

Which should be the largest meal of the day?

A session with Gympik’s Diet and Nutrition expert Sujetha Shetty helped us clear the doubts and finally come to a verdict. Breakfast it is! We’ll also tell you the how’s and why’s.

Largest meal of the day - Breakfast

The sound of Mum screaming at us to have our breakfast properly still rings in the back of our mind when we confronted the truth. How we didn’t pay much attention to it! Apparently she was right! A good and heavy breakfast doesn’t just give your day a positive head start but also keeps your energy flowing, followed by plenty of other benefits.

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Breakfast should be your largest meal

Why should breakfast be our largest meal?

Let’s hear it from Sujetha. She says, “It is important to recharge our body with energy, as our body will be low on energy when we wake up in the morning. Breakfast is an important meal of the day, it replenishes the brain with the energy it requires to work at its best. If you don’t eat that first thing, you may get so hungry in the later part of the day that you end up snacking on high caloric or fat foods.” Absolutely! Irrespective of age and gender, breakfast is very crucial for everybody. Any person is recommended to have about 7-9 hours of sleep. Have you ever thought how your body is sustaining you for so long without food? Even while you are sleeping your body is working tirelessly just for you. The least you can do for it in return is have a well balanced breakfast.

Not having breakfast can make you dull

What should your breakfast contain?

It is always important that you pay attention to what, when and how much you eat. Breakfast should be a mix of foods that have good carbs, quality proteins, healthy fats and good amount of dietary fiber. A good, large breakfast doesn’t mean it has to be loaded with unhealthy processed foods. Have good lean proteins and healthy fats like fruits, hard boiled eggs, cereals and whole grains, fresh fruit and vegetable juices are all awesome options for you.

Healthy Breakfast

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Let’s explore what this large first meal of the day can do for you!

Weight Loss

This had to be on the top of the list. And there’s ample evidence too. Many studies have shown that those who eat a heavy breakfast weigh a lot lesser than those who skip it. Wondering why? Well, eating a scrumptious, good breakfast will keep you fuller, reducing your appetite for longer. When you bunk breakfast you tend to get hungry sooner and your hunger pangs mostly get the worst out of you. You make wrong food choices and start craving for high sugars making you guilty after you’ve had them. Weight loss

Kickstart your metabolism

What you eat first decides how your metabolism works. Eating right and of course a large breakfast keeps your body active and helps you start on a positive note. Add a homemade fresh lime or fresh fruit juice and it gets even better. Like we said before add lean proteins in breakfast to increase muscle mass. A lot of experts have noted that lean muscle mass is more active metabolically and benefits weight management.

Skipping Breakfast doesn’t save you calories

Skipping breakfast is not really an effective way to cut down on calories. Yes, you read right. While most of us tend to think that eating less will help us lose weight it’s not really true. And as we said earlier hunger will get the best of you!

You don't save calories by ditching breakfast

Nip cravings in the bud

This is a brownie benefit of having a good breakfast. So indulge in a healthy heavy breakfast and slay your cravings away! Nip cravings in the bud

Makes you less depressed

When you eat an appetizing breakfast you are more than likely to feel low and sad. When you’re hungry you get irritable and feel happy. A full tummy does make you feel better. Period.
Having a good breakfast keeps you happy through the day

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Doesn’t let your battery drain soon

As simple as it is, you ditch breakfast and you’re running low from the start itself. Your blood glucose levels need to be restored right? You don’t forget to charge your phone so don’t forget to charge yourself too. You actually can’t concentrate on an empty tummy!
Doesn’t let your battery drain soon

How to not skip breakfast!

Pressed for time or your alarm just didn’t ring. Whatever reason you have for skipping your breakfast, drop it right there. We have it covered for you! So no skipping breakfast anymore.

Option 1: Vegetable omelet with whole wheat toast. Beat eggs, add your favorite vegetables, salt, pepper and pour on a hot pan. Flip and serve with toasts!

Option 2: A large bowl of mixed fruits and a glass of low-fat milk or a fruit smoothie with low-fat yogurt.

Option 3: Cereal bowl with fruits and a glass of low-fat milk or oatmeal made in skimmed milk with dry fruits and nuts and a glass of fresh orange juice.

Option 4: Whole wheat toast and scrambled eggs with raw vegetables or hard boiled eggs and banana.

Option 5: Plan ahead and soak some oats with cut fruits overnight in milk. Add a handful of raisins and nuts.

Option 6: Smoothies or fresh juices. Just add low-fat yogurt with your favorite fruit (avocado, banana, berries, anything) to the blender. Add a teaspoon of flax seeds or chia seeds and your on-the-go breakfast is ready!

Option 7: And of course the everyday Indian staple breakfasts like poha, upma, idli are also great. Ensure they’re made at home and they’re super healthy too.

Don't skip breakfast

So it’s time you paid heed to your Mum’s and grandma’s advice and get yourself a good breakfast every morning. Do this not for anybody else but for your own self! And see your energy level soaring higher, improvement in overall health and mood. If you like this article then don’t forget to like and share. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Until then have a delightful breakfast and a bright lovely day!



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