“It’s been a tough day at work! I feel like relaxing in the study with my favorite book and a glass of wine. It’s my daily ritual!”

Days later…

“I feel deprived. I don’t feel good when I get up, I don’t feel like exercising, I feel like I’m lethargic, I want to lose weight…”

Red Wine: To Drink Or Not-

What starts as a routine, becomes a habit. A habit develops into an addiction. The debate over the health benefits of Red Wine still remains unresolved. Many people believe red wine is good for health, while the rest talk about the ill-effects of consuming too much alcohol on health. Red wine gets its rich color from grape skin, an excellent source of antioxidants. Researchers believe that antioxidants help a long way in preventing chronic diseases, including cardiac disorders and cancer. Here’s what red wine can do to our body:

Have a Sip!

Red Wine is good for heart:

It dilates the arteries and thins the blood, enabling the blood to flow easier and keep the heart pumping.

Fights free radicals:

Harmful compounds emanating from pollution or second hand smoke that creeps into the walls of our arteries are broken down and flushed out by antioxidants in red wine.

Red Wine- To Drink Or Not - Fights free radicals

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Look Beautiful:

It clears skin and restores the natural radiant glow. For consumers with unhealthy lifestyle habits like smoking or eating highly saturated foods, red wine could be a rescue tool.

Red Wine- To Drink Or Not- - Look Beautiful

Put down that glass!

Red Wine is fattening:

Moderate consumption is not bad, but a bit excess would show up at your waistline! One ounce of red wine carries 125 calories, a glass a day would cost you a pound of fat!

Red Wine- To Drink Or Not- - Red Wine is fattening

It’s Addictive:

Indulging in a glass of red wine someday at a party is fine, but those who edge over alcoholism might find it difficult to resist. So watch out for the amount you consume!

Red Wine- To Drink Or Not- - It's Addictive

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Can wreak organs:

Excess consumption might burden the liver. Damage to the metabolism hub might take a toll on overall health.

Red Wine- To Drink Or Not- - Can wreck organs

Surprisingly, there is a debate over the carcinogenic nature of red wine, and harmful effects of consumption among women as well. While these are some bothersome points, a sense of self control and better awareness is the right way to quench thirst, yet, without impairing judgment.

Red Wine- To Drink Or Not- - The choice is yours

Red wine, might appeal your taste buds. But to heal or harm your wellbeing is your choice. So think twice, before you pick that glass up next time!


  1. The study, the results of which were published in the journal Gastroenterology and also at studyessay.org involved several thousand people from Britain, the Netherlands, and the United States.
    Red wine may be good for the gut. Thanks to wine, there are more beneficial bacteria in the intestines, a new study by British scientists has shown. It is about polyphenols – chemical compounds that are also found in white wine, beer, and cider, but in much smaller quantities, according to data obtained by researchers from King’s College London.


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