If you are lazy enough to hit the gym to lift heavy weights but still want to build your strength, this post is for you! We all are aware about the importance of strength and how to build it but if you are looking for strength workouts which can be done outside the gym and do not involve weights, this post will help you hit the bull’s eye. Below are the exercises that you can try to build your strength without using any weights.

Run or walk your way to strength

While they account for a good cardio workout these workouts can also be used for building strength. Cardio helps you sweat those extra calories and for strength you just need to walk or run with a trick. The trick is to pull your abs in while you are walking or running. You will be surprised to see the increase in strength this simple workout can do.

Squat it up

squats 300

Squats is the best exercise to include in your workout regimen as they assist not only in building strength but also, to tone your body, build endurance etc. Out of the many benefits squats offer, strength building becomes the most prior and important workout to follow for a toned and stronger body.

Push-ups for the stronger you

pushup manPush-ups work on your chest, shoulder, core muscles and triceps, thereby, functioning on the entire body. Push-ups account for a core strengthening workout and thus, should be followed by anyone looking to increase strength.

Crunches are your strengthening munches


Crunches are a great way to tone your midsection and improve strength. They assist you to improve your core strength but, it should not be the only workout to rely on for strength building. It should be a part of your workout regimen but not the only workout to do.

Walking Lunges will help you build your strength

Lunges not only tone your thigh muscles but also, strengthen them. They can be done with or without weights. They are a great way to strengthen your legs and increase strength of your back muscles, core muscles, and abdominals.

These exercises, if included in your workout regimen, can prove to be great for strength building. However, your strength workout should be followed by a bit of cardio warm-up so that, you don’t end up hurting yourself. Strengthening can take you far but, you should focus on building it the right way. Hit like if you enjoyed reading the article and for more health related information contact us at, Gympik.



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