“Yesterday’s workout was killer and that’s why I’m in a wheelchair today,” said Ryan, a fitness enthusiast and my workout buddy, on the phone. Sensing the growing tension in my voice, he divulged that behind-the-scene reality. It was a leg day for him and his crucial workout made him almost paralyzed. Sounds familiar? This is a regular tale for many of us! How many of you get a nightmare before the legs day arrives? I’ve raised my hand already and if you are one of them, this is for you!

It seems the entire week’s motivation is centered around to make the legs day pass without any major hassle. Those leg presses, dumbbell lunges, front squats, overhead lunges are enough to make you run to a corner and shed some tears in despair. But, on the contrary, there exists another world where legs days are more fun and less intimidating.Wanna know what that is? Watch out!

  1. Dumbbell step-ups

Your torso should be kept straight during this exercise. Knee should go to the same direction as foot throughout the exercise. Stepping distance from the bench focuses on the Gluteus Maximus and stepping closer to the bench focuses on your Quadriceps. It gets a little tougher towards the end of each set but fret not, it’s much better than the torturous leg press that makes you feel like a fish out of water!


  1. Single-leg dumbbell step-up

One leg at a time! Apart from building strength, it also helps you gain hip symmetry. Get a dumbbell in each hand and place one foot up right on the bench. Drive through one heel to push the hips upwards. This is called kick-ass workout when you perform 3 sets with 15 reps and feel the burn.

Single leg dumbbell step up

  1. Smith machine squats

Squats are awesome and to make them super awesome, you need to do Smith machine squats. This will remind you about your legs day forever, by the way! Adjust the weight to a bearable level and go deeper to make an amazing leg workout. In the entire process, keep your chest up and core tight to avoid any injury.


  1. Landmine Sumo Squat

Hurting your back to get sculpted legs cannot be an option when you have accepted this amazing workout as your leg day staple. This variation works on your quads, gives enough strength without stressing on your lower back and knees.

Landmine Sumo Squat

  1. Barbell Hip Thrust

As the name suggests, this variation of leg workout makes you do thrusting movement so that you engage your core while extending your hips and using your heels to bring the thighs and upper body parallel to the floor. It targets your glutes, hamstrings, calves, quadriceps while strengthening your lower abs.


  1. Bulgarian Split Squat

Many traditional weight-lifters will cringe as this variation doesn’t allow lifting heavy weight and looks a tad too simpler than back squats. However, Bulgarian Split squat can improve strength of your legs, works on your quads, glutes and hamstrings with minimal stress on your spine. It also helps building single-leg strength and solidity.


  1. Toes up landmine

The innocent looking landmine can be an exploding workout accessory for your legs day workout. Staying on your heels, squat; squeezing your glutes press back up through the heels and repeat. This helps you engage your core while putting your quads and glutes on fire to give your legs that astonishingly sexy look!


Well, legs days are excruciating and crucial at the same time. Realizing the fact that we can’t just miss this out, these are some of the amazing workouts to make the day ‘legit’! I’m sure, the world will be a better place if your legs day stops giving you nightmares of falling off the cliff when even your unconscious soul can sense your inability to turn back and run for life! See you on the other side. Till then, happy legs day!


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