Unless your last name is Tata, Birla, Ambani or Mallya, chances are you have spent a lot of your childhood summers travelling by train, eating countless bhel puris, bread-omelettes, and most importantly, contracting loose motions. Admit it, no summer vacation was ever complete without at least one bout of Hiroshima-Nagasaki happening. You carry the scarred memories even today…Shudder!

While the mode of transport may have changed from Indian Railways to Air India/other flights or even by road (Goa plan??? Lol! Sure!), the challenge remains the same:

“How do I not accidentally gas my fellow co-travellers while also not earning free belly fat and a lifetime membership of creepy-uncle/aunty club?”

Worry not young Padawan, for today we will reveal to you the secret of the fitness Jedi i.e. how to travel in style while eating healthy:

1. Let’s start with your snack. Put that Aloo Bhujia down! Instead, try some nuts and dry fruits. They keep your energy level high, have healthy fats and nutrients and overall are super healthy. You can also bring along some fresh fruits or even the surprisingly tasty flax seeds. Basically ditch oily, carb rich packed snack for a wholesome, organic nutty feast. Some of the other favourites include fresh fruit, salads and poha aka chiwda aka ‘rice flakes’.

Go for a healthy snack!


2. Pack your own meals. It may sound a tad tedious, but trust us, it will save you a lot of pain in the long run. A simple brown bread sandwich made at home is way healthier and cheaper than the airport special super overpriced ‘Roasted Chicken ‘N’ Cheese’ sandwich from the coffee-outlet-which-may-never-be-named-else-you-may-get-slapped. Unless of course you want to be the next “happy” customer for the ‘Plus Size’ section in the mall?

Pack your own meals.


3. Keep eating at regular intervals. Especially hard to do during long journeys when the inner Devdas in us is busy contemplating the meaning of life and seeking nirvana. Enlightenment notwithstanding, it is important to avoid skipping meals. You will have food cravings so strong, the inner hungry Hulk in you will get the better of the healthy eating Bruce Banner and once that is on, well, goodbye months of hard work at the gym! So create a schedule, label your snack boxes and just set an alarm on your smartphone for the next snack.

Keep eating at regular intervals.


4. Drown your cravings in a bottle of water. Cruel as it may sound, drinking water is an amazing way to avoid falling into the notorious “only-one-bite-man-I-will-run-10km-tomorrow-morning-while-carrying-Usha Uthup-on-my-shoulder” trap. As all of us know, that tomorrow will never come and also Usha Uthup may file a criminal case against you. No sir, a large glass of water and see the craving die an ignominious death.

Drown your cravings in a bottle of water.


5. Eat a lot of protein. And no, that delicious yet dripping in saturated fat, chicken frankie from Tibbs doesn’t count! Instead, have boiled eggs, tofu salad or one of those pre-packed, delicious greek yoghurt. Studies show that protein-rich food items not only help you suppress hunger but also help you burn fat and keep your fuel cells up.


There, the secret to maintain a healthy diet even while travelling has now been revealed. And now, young Padawan, our sincere hopes are that armed with these secrets, you can now embark on the conquest of the universe while still looking fabulous throughout your journey. We also have sincere hopes that our advice will avoid another possible ‘Bhopal gas tragedy’.

Bon Voyage!


  1. Great tips, especially the tip about drinking enough water. I wouldn’t be getting my proteins like the one from that image, though, LOL. That image made my day! Anyway, having enough water will not only keep you from being overwhelmed by your cravings, it will also keep you hydrated as you explore. Thanks for sharing this!


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