You might have already heard, been terrified and sprung back to your comfort shield by the long preaches the fitness gurus deliver on diet rules and fitness regimen. And eventually, it has done more harm than good to your fitness resolutions. We might sound a little crazy, but for a second, shoo away those tough rules! You heard it right! After all, it’s one life, why make it complicated when you actually can get simpler alternatives. So here you go! Take a look at how to make simpler changes in your life every day and continue your journey towards a FABulous you!


1. Skipping meals- A BIG NO

First thing first, do remember that a healthy weight loss plan is never ever about skipping meals! It never actually helps you reduce weight, rather makes you gain more weight; the reason being, you tend to overeat due to hunger pangs.


2. Snack on Healthy foods

Do not deprive yourself completely from fats! Eat healthy fats such as seeds and nuts when you feel like chewing on something during snack time. Fruits like banana, apple, pear, guava etc. and veggies are sources of high-fibre and vitamins; hence, if your tummy wants something yummy, stuff it with some mixed fruit salads or chicken salad with green veggies, avocado and kiwi with sautéed chicken, shrimp salad, paneer steak or such combinations that suits your palate.



3. Don’t overdo, start small

Just the way your inactive lifestyle will not take you anywhere, overdoing any exercise will cause disaster to your body than doing any good. Start small with either brisk walk, Surya Namaskar, jogging, free hand exercise or any workout that suits you— be it an intense workout or low-intensity exercises. And, most importantly, to make your workout contribute to your overall state of being, do not forget to perform some stretching exercises before you start, as it helps in preventing injuries and helps in proper blood circulation during workouts.


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4. Drink enough water

This might be the millionth time you are hearing this dictum! But here is the difference , you need not  stick to that 3-litre or 4-litre water intake system. Surprised? Let’s take a minute to dig deeper into the crux of the matter. Remember, our body gets the required fluid from tea, coffee, high-water content fruits and veggies like cucumber, grapes, watermelon, spinach, cauliflower, eggplant etc. Also, you know you are drinking enough fluid if you don’t feel thirsty often.


5. Cut on fruit juices, diet drinks

If you want to shed those extra kilos, don’t get fooled by the exaggerating adverts. Throw away those fruit juice cartons, diet coke and soda bottles. Instead, stick to whole fruits and veggies.



6. Choose Fat-free or NOT

All that boast of being “fat-free” are NOT. Also, remember by going completely fat-free, you are losing on essential nutrients like Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. So, use your reasoning sense while rummaging through the store for so-called “fat-free” foods.


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7. Get your sleep

It’s not that difficult to sprawl across the coziest place at your home and get into a hibernating mode quite often.According to studies, people who get less sleep (less than 6 hours) are prone to gaining weight as it results in lowering the level of blood protein, leptin which helps in suppressing hunger. As a result, the levels of ghrelin (a hormone that increases your appetite) shoot up in your body and make you feel hungrier. 



When it comes to weight loss, don’t be so strict to yourself! Most importantly, know your body; slowly and consistently help your body get habituated to the routine you are going to follow. Also, set a realistic goal, as we have already mentioned in one of our previous articles on workout and exercises. Master the art  of balancing your habits and nothing can stop you from achieving a healthier lifestyle and that drool worthy body you’ve been striving for!



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