Do you think your appetite has its own entity when it grumbles shamelessly anywhere, anytime? Well, you are not the only one to have fallen prey to these embarrassing circumstances, we’ve been there too! Therefore, we thought it’s high time we try establishing some camaraderie with foods and healthy habits to tame irregular hunger pangs. So, here is all you would like to know about how to curb appetite naturally.

Simple tricks to curb appetite:

Guzzle More H2O

h20 water

Staying hydrated all the day helps curb appetite and keeps you away from unhealthy snacking. Most of the time, we mistake thirst as hunger. With water going in our system at regular intervals, it gives our body the signal to flush out the toxins and maintain a healthy eating habit. It is also good to guzzle water before meals; so that you don’t end up overeating.


Lean Protein

egg lean protein

Start your day with lean protein such as chicken, eggs, soybean, fish or yogurt. This help keeping you satiated for longer time and stave the impulsive hunger off your tummy. It has been found that eating lean protein during other times of the day doesn’t bring the same effect as it does if you include them in your breakfast. So, don’t skip your breakfast!


Increase Your Fibre And Veggies Intake

The way green veggies and fruits help your system stay full for long hours is unbeatable. If you are not a veggie person you can spice it up with a little dressing and make them palatable. Some of the most fibrous and nutritious veggies include broccoli, spinach, avocado, bell peppers, leeks, zucchini, lettuce etc. Another important thing we all keep forgetting when it comes to maintaining a healthy diet is, to keep our hands off from untimely munching on unhealthy snacks. Instead, try munching on a whole fruit like an apple or pear that are full of soluble fibre and pectin and helps you feel full.


Go Nuts!

Go Nuts

Nuts are one of the best natural hunger suppressants. Walnuts, Pistachios, Pine nuts, and Almonds are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, protein, fibre, and minerals. A handful of these nutritious nuts will fill you up for longer and keep your hunger pangs at bay. Not just that, these amazing super foods can help you lose weight too!


Chew Your Food

Chew your food

According to studies, chewing food properly makes you feel fuller for a longer period of time. Chewing foods help release hormonal signals in the body and intestines release cholecystokinin (CCK) as a reaction to the food consumed. At the same time, leptin hormone is produced by fat cells and increases the signals of CCK to boost the feeling of fullness. Hence, this can also be considered as a way to curb appetite.


Add The Goodness Of Flax Seeds

flax seeds

With a nutritional mix of soluble fiber and essential fatty acids, flax seeds are the perfect addition to your yogurt, smoothie, or salad. In fact, ground or whole, flax seeds help you stay satiated and fuelled for longer!


Go Chocolateyy!

dark chocolate

Practice some saliva control while taking a bite of this heavenly and yummilicious delight! When opting for healthy, try switching to dark chocolates and savour a piece or two slowly. Let it melt in your mouth—the bitter sweet taste of dark chocolate suppresses your cravings and helps you stay fuller for longer since it contains steric acid.

Curbing your appetite naturally goes a long way in maintaining a healthy balance between your diet and weight. Starving can never be an option when you wish to cut down on your calorie intake and stay lean. Rather eating healthy in moderate portions keeps you going.



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