Now that you have already passed the dilemma of whether to join a gym or not and decided to bite the bullet, it’s time to face the consequences, apart from keeping you on your toes till you reach your drill sessions at the gym that sometimes leave your heart trembling with strange anxiety! These are those awkward moments that we all want to just wipe off from our memory and pretend that it never happened. We’ve all been to those embarrassing situations when you could only end up cursing the bad timing. Let’s talk about some of those moments that are either cringe-worthy or downright funny that every girl might have faced in the gym, at least once in life. I’m sure these will make you reminisce your awkward moments, leave you nodding in acceptance and fill your eyes with absolute empathy!

The moment when you feel your sweat glands should not exist

Well, this happens to almost all of us irrespective of gender! But, since we are girls, we like to be looked at as angelic beauties and of course, ‘we-don’t-do-anything-gross’! But as luck would have it, there are times at gym when your sweaty bum leaves the proof of its existence on the seat and then comes the mortifying moment– that handsome stud you have your eyes on, comes to use that particular machine for some god dammit reason! God have mercy!

When you lift a heavy weight and your hands betray you

While weight training, we want to look as sexy and strong as Bipasha, but for a moment, we forget that God has his own plan for it! And, sometimes it’s just to embarrass us and get a good laugh (No wonder, life is where all the enjoyments are, not heaven!). Pull a heavier weight for chest press and Jesu, you lose balance and the weight lands on your chest! Ouch, it hurts, I mean even the stares too!

Jumping jacks can also be terrifying sometimes

Running out of time for the group class and you immediately enter the class only to realize that you didn’t pee for a while. Your Circuit training consists exercises like jumping jacks, jump knee tucks, walking squats and your bladder just gave up after a few jumps, leaving a little bit of wetness in your undies, a blotch on your sweatpants and an embarrassed you!

The not-so-nice unshaven armpit or leg

Don’t even pretend that you don’t know what we’re talking about! I’m sure this oops moment occurred more than once in all of our lives. How many times have you had your arms over your head for some exercise and realized that you haven’t shaved your armpits? Or sporting a sexy knee length tight while your legs bare those cruel half-grown hair, spoiling the lanky lass look? The only thought that goes on in your head is to pray that none notices those not-so-nice-side of a girls’ life.

The tale of the wrong Bra

As if these were not enough, we girls have the nemesis of our lives- the wrong bra tale! Trust me, this dreaded thought leaves us with a cold shudder whenever we even think of it! This bane of femininity has to arrive at the wrong time, always! These pretty little things that provide us comfortable support, sometimes ditch us badly and we attend a Zumba class with an ill-fitting sports bra, looking like a juggler’s nightmare! Somebody kill that manufacturer!

Just when you thought it’s over

Bring back that pretty smile on your face, lady! It’s the 5th day of your dreaded period! Your confidence level soared and your energy is at an all-time high. But, darling, your body has a different plan for you—that is, to stifle you with an absolute hormonal mayhem. And then appears your gift for the day! Not to forget, your gym bag doesn’t contain any of those life-saving things! But for a quick fix, you grab some toilet papers and wish that save the situation and your dignity!

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Who’s the Smelly cat?

It’s the tiniest thing in the duffle bag in terms of existence, but not in importance—your socks! Unless you are a perfectionist with a super health conscious soul, you might have used the same pair of socks for your gym throughout the week. Sometimes, your socks grow their own mind and conspire to punish you in front of the entire class when you are stretching and almost done for the day! And just then, you can smell something weird that’s coming from you. You flinch seeing that your fellow gym-goers grimaced.

Missing a step while checking out on a guy during Zumba

This is as weird as it sounds and downright embarrassing! You have been dressing up a little too nicely these days to flaunt your ‘fitness freak’ side to the new hot hunk of the gym. You couldn’t stop the butterflies wriggling in your stomach that’s giving your face a blushed glaze while exchanging a glance or two, and then happens the disaster! You miss a step and stomped onto the girl dancing next to you. Erm, kind of awkward it is!

That gust of air in Yoga Class

Twisting and twirling, bending and rolling can make your body more flexible, and your fart more susceptible to explosion! Sometimes, yoga classes can prove to be about releasing the inner air that arises a creepy crawly sensation in your stomach, than releasing the negativity. The unwanted bizarre sound with equally bad smell disrupt the pure serene ambience that’s perfect for yoga. This is the moment when you join the crowd and sniff making a face like, “What’s that bad smell?” *God, let me hide somewhere*

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What’s the colour of your sweat?

Who doesn’t want to look like a million dollar while working out! And that needs a little touch up on your cheeks, lips and eyes! But, that crazy high intensity interval training (HIIT) burns your ass off, leaving you a hellish sweaty massacre. A drop of sweat from your forehead to you eye lids and you accidentally rub your eyes! If you are still wondering why have you been meeting those strange glances in the class, that’s because your mascara, eye shadow and eye-liner wanted to have a quick coalition after your latest eye rub.

So, ladies, none can feel the intensity of the fact that ‘shit happens’ more than us! We are among the rare species that handle any god dammit situation with subtle oomph (*wink wink*) and win too! It’s Okay, if we fail sometimes but that’s what makes us human! Stay fit, stay happy!

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