There will be hardly anyone on the earth who might not have heard about the importance of eating breakfast! Yet there are many who skip breakfast just to shed extra kilos or because they don’t feel hungry early in the morning. Do you belong to this category? If yes, it’s time you change your schedule and kick-start your day with a nutrition-filled breakfast. Not because without it, you will gain more weight as the myth says, but it will help your body in so many wonderful ways.

Let’s dig a little deeper into it.

Problems Associated with Skipping Breakfast

Increases calorie intake: People who don’t eat breakfast are more likely to stuff themselves with the kind of food they should be avoiding. When you skip breakfast and stay hungry for a longer time, you tend to opt for a heavier meal than choosing a healthier and lighter meal, which ends up in overeating. Also, hence, we let our body burn the stored carbs and when we eat, our body store the carbs. Therefore, making it difficult to burn fat.

On average, users who don’t eat breakfast eat 6.8% more food throughout the day


Causes Metabolic disorder: Starting your day with proper breakfast will stimulate your metabolism and kick-start your system. When the body does not get the food to burn calories, it conserves the energy to keep it going and then when you eat, your body is not in a state to burn the calories. Hence, you store more calories than burning.

Interrupts brain functions: Skipping breakfast can also lead to a lack of energy level due to deficiency of glycogen in the muscles. It triggers the muscles to use existing glycogen, thus making you exhaust more energy and feel tired.

People who don’t eat breakfast eat:
– 40% more sweets
– 30% less fruit
– 45% fewer vegetables
– 55% more soft drinks


Causes cranky and grumpy mood: Studies found that people who usually skip their breakfast tend to be more grumpy and prone to mood swings. Gympik’s expert Nutritionist, Mr. P. Shrivastava said, “When your body is starving for a longer time, you are unintentionally inviting diseases like gastric ulcer, indigestion, loss of appetite, heartburn, low blood sugar level, migraine attack and more; and this results in lack of concentration, mood swings and poor energy level.”

Disturbs proper digestion: Smaller meals eaten at regular intervals improves digestive system, helps our body burn more calories and absorb nutrition. Smaller meals stabilize insulin and glucose level and hence, restrict frequent cravings and reduces overall calorie intake. Skipping breakfast interrupts this essential equivalence, therefore disturbs normal bodily functions.

Eating breakfast has long term benefits. Reduces risk of heart diseases, obesity and diabetes


Giving your body the required nutrition that includes good fat, carbs, protein, minerals etc is the best way to help your body function at its best and eventually, leading a healthy lifestyle. So now that you know what you miss when you miss breakfast, try not to ignore or avoid it. Make it your best meal of the day!


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