Looking for a gym in Faridabad to sculpt your body? Here’s a list of top 5 gyms in Faridabad that will help you find the right one!

5. Burn & Blast

Location: SGM Nagar – Faridabad

Burn & Blast – the name alone can burn off 200 calories from your body! With passionate trainers who have declared war on obesity, this gym’s goal is to ‘spread the craze of being physically fit’ among the denizens of Faridabad. With a plethora of amenities including some of the best equipment in the market, what really stands out for the gym is that each new member receives a free personal fitness orientation.

4. Anytime Fitness

Location: Huda Market Sector -16 – Faridabad

If you are looking for a gym that’s accessible 24×7, your search ends here! With over 3 million members across the globe, Anytime Fitness is one of the few gyms in the city that is accessible anytime and anywhere. Boasting some of the best equipment available in the market, Anytime Fitness promises not to burn a hole in your pocket with its very reasonable membership offers.

What really works most in the favour of this international chain of gyms is their ‘Anywhere Club Access’. Allowing you access to all their fitness centres for the price of a standard monthly gym membership, it basically allows you the liberty to workout completely according to your convenience so that you don’t have to compromise on your worklife for your personal fitness.

3. Talwalkars Gym

Location: Huda Market Sector -16 – Faridabad

Founded in the year 1932 by Mr. Vishnupant Talwalkar, the Talwalkars brand is one of the oldest and most respected names in the fitness industry. With over 150 gyms across 80 cities in India Talwalkars has consistently delivered value to it’s over 200,000 strong customer base.

With a  wide variety of offerings including personal training, nutrition counselling, yoga, spa, aerobics among others, Talwalkars brings world class fitness to you for a very nominal price.

2. Gold’s Gym

Location: Huda Market Sector -16 – Faridabad

Started in the year 1965 by Joe Gold in California, USA, Gold’s Gym as a fitness brand has grown so strong that there’s hardly anyone in fitness space who will not be aware of it. One of the biggest gym chains across the world, Gold’s Gym currently has 120+ centres across India.

Winners of multiple awards including the award for “Best Fitness Chain”, Gold’s Gym is known widely for its unmatched success in providing some of the finest fitness counselling across the world.With some of the best equipment available, Gold’s Gym provides certified trainers who use proven methodologies in providing you the best results.

1. Power World Gym

Location: Patel Chowk, Sector 31, NIT 5, NIT 2, Sector 37 – Faridabad

Power World Gyms is the latest addition to a growing crop of gyms that offer the maximum value for your money without compromising the basics. With some of the finest equipment, training programs, the Power World Gyms is an ideal place for those who seek fitness without any strings attached.

Power World is unique in many ways, one of which is the care and time they invest in training their fitness trainers. Unlike many gyms, every fitness trainer at Power World has undergone an intense 6-month course at the Power World Fitness Academy learning the theoretical as well as practical aspects of fitness.  

The ‘Help Me!’ badge is another feature unique to Power World. In most traditional gyms you either pay hefty amounts to hire a personal trainer or are pretty much on your own. However, at Power World, all you need is a ‘Help Me!’ badge and help will be right at hand in the form of a certified fitness trainer without any additional costs.

Apart from all of the above features, one of the other things that really works for Power World is the extensive collection of equipment. This addresses one of the biggest banes of fitness enthusiasts across the world, i.e. occupied machines. What’s more, if you buy the membership from one Power World Gyms, you can avail it in two more centers for no extra cost.

There, a whole list of gyms where you can go and pump some iron while getting ripped for life. We wish you all the best in your fitness journey and hope that our little list here ‘works out’ for you!


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