Moods can play a vital role when it comes to doing something constructive or productive such as an effective workout as it require a whole lot of concentration and energy. It’s the natural tendency of the human mind to avoid strenuous works the moment mood swings hit really bad, especially when it comes to exercise. There is no dearth of excuses to skip the grueling weight training at the gym when we don’t really feel that energetic. We are actually unaware of the benefits our mood can bestow on us. So, let’s check out what are the best ways to channelize our mood swings to something beneficial to our body and mind. So here are some best workouts for your moods!

Try Strength Training when you are doubtful

Whether you are feeling suffocated with a tough decision at work or a palpably nervous with a decision that is squeezing out your mental strength! You could try out an intense resistance-training workout session. Strength training helps the body improve mental focus and attention. Your body becomes more alert and focuses on lifting the weight and In addition to your brain focusing on the movement and lifting those weights, your mind will also gain a sense of direction and power.

Resistance Training

Hit the Punching bag when anger hits

Sometimes it is difficult to control anger and let things go! But don’t let your body bear the brunt of your bad mood! The best way to tackle this is to hit the gym and start running better than yesterday or workout with a punching bag. These exercises have amazing health benefits in addition to calm you down. Running makes your anger ebb away and also helps you burn more calories as this cardio exercise fixes most of your health and weight related issues. Moreover, when you hit the punching bag, you use the strength of your arm muscles and core. Hence, this increases your punching power, strengthens your muscles, and tones your core. And guess what! You get to imagine the punching bag as the face of that person who makes you lose your calm and smack his face without actually causing any injury!

Hit The Punching Bag

Kill anxiety with HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)

If you are one of them who get anxious very easily, or this is the trait that has grown on you over a period of time due to immense work pressure, then boot it out with HIIT workout. A body pumping high interval workout training can channelize your anxiety into energy and make your entire body workout worth soaring. The amount of energy you put in performing each exercise improves your confidence and gives your immunity an extra boost.


Feeling low? Go for a calming session of Power Yoga or Tai Chi

It’s not all the days you are at your best! And you wish to do the best in your workout. So, when you are running low on energy and don’t feel like hitting the gym or taking up any strenuous activity, just switch to something less intense that calms your mind. Try practicing Power yoga that helps you regain mental strength, rejuvenate immunity and confidence, improves concentration level and calms mind. Whereas, Tai Chi which is also called “Medication in motion” as it helps improving lower and upper body strength, balance, flexibility, calms and heals stress and mobilizes energy.

Power Yoga for a calm mind

Free your mind with Zumba

There are times when we are stuck in situations that clog up our mind and are hard to cope with, however hard we try. Searching for the reasons of these rather obstructive feelings overcrowds our minds. So, do a favor to yourself—dance your heart out or go for group Zumba classes where the loud and energetic music twiddles every corner of the dance hall. It lets your heart absorb all the positivity while you unloose your spirit and tap your feet with the infectious beats. This helps your mind get the much-needed relaxation, regain motivation and boost up the spirit to start afresh.


Whether your boss is on an unstoppable spree towards chewing your head off at work or some other problem is continuously gnawing at you— reason can be anything to increase your stress level and wreck havoc on your health. The best thing is to channelize your mind and energy to something productive. As the saying goes, “Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.”


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