Many of us hit the gym without knowing the proper regime and end up rushing from one machine to the other. How many times have you randomly done some exercises assuming that it will work for you? And then, continued that same exercise for some time realizing this was just not doing any good before switching to another. Sounds familiar?

The funda is, before we start on any exercise we should know what is the way of doing it right. This means, we don’t know which exercise to do, how to do and for how long- so that it brings us optimum result. If you are among the ones who do such mistakes in bewilderment, you need to focus a bit more to refurbish and refine your workout regime. Just read on to know what we found out!

Here’s the list of common workout mistakes you should avoid

Not warming up

We don’t focus on the vital part of workout- warming up. Before starting workout, warming up is essential as this increases flexibility and strengths of muscles and help them regain energy. Lack of warming up can lead to sprains and injuries. So warm up for 10-15 minutes before you get rolling.

warm up

Not stretching enough

There is a reason why experts always advise to do stretching between exercises. This is another way to increase flexibility of muscles and increase resistance. This should be done frequently after all the workouts.


stretching exercise

Not maintaining a balance

Our workout needs a proportional balance which includes strengthening and toning your body along with cardio. But what most of us do instead is, focus only on a few areas and let go of the other major parts of the body, which as a result, disturbs our training program.


maintaining balance

Switching exercises/equipment’s often

Your gym might have numerous equipment’s but remember that your body is different and requires a particular workout regimen with or without combining all the equipment’s in order to get a satisfactory result.


gym equipments

Lifting too much weight

A major misconception about weightlifting among people is the root of this. Most of us think that in order to get faster results one needs to lift heavier weights frequently. The right way to move forward is to take a slow and steady step at a time. Make your muscles get used to lighter weights and steadily move to heavier weights.


weight lifting

Lacking consistency

Let’s take an example. A & B aims to achieve the same fitness goals. A works out too intensely for 2 hours once in a week and B does 30 min of workout in a much relaxed way for 4 days a week. Although both are working out for the same amount of time per week, B is likely to achieve better results as he is maintaining a more moderate and consistent routine.



Depending only on machines

Those appealing and swanky machines are not the purpose of your going to gym! Instead, try exercising on your own. Use machines when you actually need to. This way you could save yourself from developing any imbalance in your posture.


Gym equipments

Not taking proper rest between exercises

Cool down for few seconds after finishing an exercise and before starting another one. This helps your muscles to relax and your heart rate to come to normal. A balance of workout and rest is the ideal combination to make your body function at its best.


Rest between workout

Dehydrating your body

When you sweat out at the gym, your body becomes dehydrated. Give your body the required fluid by sipping water at regular intervals. This way you don’t exhaust yourself and keep the hydration level at risk.



Spending time on networking

Don’t lose focus! When you are at gym your focus should be on your fitness goals. Small chit-chats with other gym-goers is acceptable, whereas too much attachment to your smart phone is not.  So, do yourself a favor and switch that tiny little life-sucker off for a while. Spend some un-distracted time at gym to get a sculpted body.


networking and social media


Now that you have the list of do’s and don’ts in hand, brace yourself to soar high and take your workout to the next level. So next time you step into the gym, don’t forget that focus coupled with right balance is the key to achieving that drool-worthy physique. All the best!


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