We loved the energy Bangaloreans brought to the second event of Soul-O-Fit, the pool party, held on 10th September 2016 at JW Marriott.

Here is what the second Soul-O-Fit event was all about!


Aqua Zumba, a first of its kind pool party had much more to offer than splashing your way towards achieving a toned and sculpted body! The setting had the perfect blend of fun and fitness with two of Bangalore’s best Zumba experts, Jenifir K Sharma and Harihara Palani who left no stone unturned to make the pool party exciting, enjoyable and a smashing hit. This refreshing and enlivening workout session was attended by fitness enthusiasts and newbies alike, who chose to get drenched in the awesomeness of Aqua Zumba. This pool party was just the right chord that connected health and unadulterated fun seamlessly.



Sporting swimming costumes, the pool was occupied by men and women alike. The session started with warm up and we could see the temperature soaring high with every peppy track. People were splashing, hollering, and swaying in the water to the groovy tunes of Latin numbers to Punjabi bhangra songs. The energy and excitement in the moves of the participants were so infectious that it made even the mere watchers go ga-ga and they couldn’t resist tapping their feet to the groovy tunes.



After an invigorating session of Aqua Zumba, the participants chilled out by the poolside, interacting with others and indulging in yum snacks and beverages served by Rejoov. Soothing Bangalore weather coupled with the serene poolside venue of J W Marriott perked up the Soul-O-Fit event even more. It was a spectacular sight to remember as there was not even a single moment when the energy and excitement dropped off.



What else we can ask for when reality becomes much more regal than expectation! We heartily convey our regards to the participants who made Soul-O-Fit worth rejoicing. Keep showering your love on us and keep rocking at the upcoming events too!


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