All the beautiful girls and women out there, finally we are talking about this! You can thank us later for picking up this million-dollar question as a matter to write about and bring it to the entire world about the recurring suffering or uncomfortable situations we go through every month for five days! Yeah, there’s nothing to be ashamed of that we bleed, and ‘mahine ke unn din’ gives us enough tough times that one can think of! On the top of that, if you are a fitness enthusiast and don’t want to miss out on your workout, you can vouch for the stamina that you squeeze out of your body to get yourself into the gym!

Well, so here we are, to discuss how it feels like working out on our period!

Peek-a-Boo, I see you

This happens to all females of all ages! A mirror, a stranger, a stealthy peek – we don’t categorize to ask or rather check on if our behind is in an acceptable situation! At the gym, you just focus more on escaping from being ‘red washed’ than the right postures or techniques of the workouts. Not to forget the unnerving suicidal-pain in the abdomen that comes along.

Skipping exercises in between

These five days of the month ensure that you don’t get to walk, talk, laugh or breathe properly without experiencing immense discomfort, let alone the rigorous exercises. You experience comfort while seated, the moment you stand, that obnoxious uterus splutters a huge dollops of redness! You take a big plunge to do a deep lunge or jump squat, you feel something exploding inside you and the gravitational force pulling your abdomen a little too downwards!


For some creepy reason, you get annoyed with the entire world around you! Blame it to the hormones that heighten your irritation level and make you feel like a depressed hag. The continuous fountain in your system with perpetual wetness make you realize a little more what sucking out one’s blood really implies.

You’re there or not

It’s just when think that ‘today is gonna be no-show-up’ and you go a little carefree without the ‘science in your underwear’, it’s time to face the reality! One move to the compound exercise, and you are drowning. At that moment, the only thing you can do to save the situation is take another compound move—run towards the washroom, ‘coz change is the need of the hour!

That Awe-inspiring Back pain

Okay, just to remind you every time that you have more pain to go through in life (as if the ones we are dealing with already are not enough), your back unites with the monster uterus and conspires against you to make things worse during these five days. Then comes the much-expected back pain! The constant contraction in your lower abdomen with that perfect timing of eye-rolling leak is a massacre as always.

Precisely, the female body is an enigma to the world, even to us! The menstrual cycle not only chases us with heart flinching nightmares, but also rattles us throughout the month, rather our entire life. Practically, this complex biological process never let us live the carefree life we all want to, but haunts us to finish up everything that’s related to happiness or enjoyment before that red fairy appears! More power to all the females out there to gracefully handle these uneasy situations like a boss! We’ll see you on the other side with some more fun articles. Till then, stay fit, stay happy!



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