The word “wellness” does not simply mean the absence of illness, but it is something more than that. The state of wellness can be achieved not by one but by all. In this fast-paced world of today, where the majority of the population is running behind their goals like their chasing their shadows (can be seen but cannot be caught), there is an ardent need to inculcate the feeling of wellness among each of the competitive souls. It cannot be denied that competition and wellness have a negative correlation, which means that higher the competition, lower is the wellness, and vice versa.

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Competition affects wellness – Competition has become an inevitable part of human life and is no longer an option. Long back when the “survival of the fittest” theory was established, little did Charles Darwin know how the competition to survive would affect the wellness of people. Since there is hardly we can do about the intense competition, let us face or in other words react to this competition in a positive way. Isn’t it easier said than done? Let us have a quick look at the probable ways to deal with competition and thereby walk towards the goal of wellness.

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Pursuing hobbies leads to wellness – Seldom will there be an individual who does not enjoy playing a sport. Perhaps not at the professional level, but at a basic level, unequivocally, each of us knows how to play a sport. Playing cricket, football or badminton can be an effective stress buster and will certainly help in beating stress. Playing a sport, typically team sports, means that you get a chance to interact with your friends or other like-minded people. Distracting yourself in this way is the need of the hour. Taking out some time to pursue your hobbies be it any sport, is gaining a lot of importance.

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There is an increasing amount of awareness among people belonging to varied backgrounds about achieving the state of wellness. To give you an example, the other day when I was enjoying my Sunday morning walk in one of the gardens in my vicinity, I witnessed some of the house helps exercising in the open-air gymnasium and some of them jogging with their shoes on. I am sure a few years back, these ladies would not have bothered to indulge in such exercises.


Thus, we can say that there has been a paradigm shift in how people have started perceiving the need for regular exercises. Apart from playing your favourite sports, hitting the gym or running can also act as effective stimulants and facilitate wellness. Thus, such physical activities not only make us look physically fit but also make us mentally strong. Some of the positive effects of pursuing your sports hobbies on a daily basis are weight control, strong heart, lean physique, glowing skin etc.

Conclusion – Thus, the otherwise complex looking state of mind which is wellness can be attained quite easily just by devoting some portion of your time out of your busy schedule to hobbies, typically, those related to physical activities.

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